FREE Physical Comedy Workshop with James & Jamesy

James & Jamesy are in town for a performance of In The Dark on March 6. The night before, Thursday March 5 from 6pm to 9pm KHC is hosting a very, very special; workshop for a limited number of adults and youth. It’s free but you must register for the workshop… see the contact form below.

Workshop: Comedy Wrecking Ball

Cultivating connection with audience through impulse, presence, and play!

Under the guidance of Canadian Comedy Award winners Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles (James & Jamesy), participants learn to cultivate connection with audience through impulse, presence, and play.

Participants befriend their inner critics, create engaging characters, build emotional awareness, and have a lot of fun in the process!

The workshop culminates in an opportunity to present some of the activities in front of an audience the following evening, in conjunction with the facilitators’ performance of James & Jamesy in the Dark. Participation in this great is very-much-hoped-for but, optional.

About James & Jamesy
James & Jamesy creates multi-award winning theatrical performances typified by extended characters, rich emotion, and fantastical trips of the imagination. Their shows are investigations in participatory theatre that merge physical comedy, clown, and dance to create theatrical environments where audiences feel compelled to participate.

Their two-man shows have been presented across Canada, US, and Europe since 2012, garnering a slew of 5-Star reviews, and over 20 theatre and comedy awards.

KHC annual video report of achievement for 18-19 fiscal

The Board and staff of KHC/GDAC presented this annual report of achievement at the AGM on Nov 27, 2019.

Do you need the Snow King’s MasqueParade in your life?

The Snow King’s MasqueParade is created by those people who show up each year and share their talents and energy. It’s a creative and fiery boost to our lives in the deep dark months of winter. We need it and we enthusiastically welcome contributions from new people with fresh energy and passion to join us…

KHC/GDAC AGM Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Golden District Arts Council aka Kicking Horse Culture is holding our Annual General Meeting at 5pm on Wed, Nov. 27, 2019 at the Civic Centre. All members are eligible to vote. Memberships are available at Art Gallery of Golden. The 18/19 Annual Report will be presented at the meeting. The 18/19 GDAC Financials prepared by…

Ballet Kelowna community dance workshop Nov 23

Ballet Kelowna is headed to town for a performance of MAMBO and Other Works on Sunday evening November 24. But, we’ve asked them to come in a day early and host a community dance workshop in the hall with support from the BC Arts Council. It’s free but space is limited – suggested age range…

Announcing Golden’s 2nd annual “I Like It” Anonymous Art Show

Last Fall our Anonymous Art Show was such a hit with the community, we knew right away we’ve got to do this again this year! Remember… the thrill of the exhibit is that all works are displayed anonymously, with the artist remaining a mystery until the work is purchased. In other words, visitors browse the…

KHC/AGOG presents 4 Visual Arts community workshops

KHC/AGOG Presents 4 Visual Arts community workshops to get inspired for this November’s “I Like It!” The 2019 Anonymous Art Show     Hey you! It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. It doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as a practicing artist or just like to have fun playing around with…

Summer Drumming in Spirit Square

Hello Golden Drummers! KHC is very excited to announce that Patrick Carrick of Columbia Valley Drumming has teamed up with the Golden Youth Centre and KHC to run a summer-long, community-focused drumming program in Golden’s Spirit Square, through July and August! Here’s the info you need from Patrick Carrick of Columbia Valley Drummers: Every Thursday…

Professional Development Weekend for Visual Artists April 2019

    Take a look at the workshops we are offering on Saturday and Sunday in the info below and then come and register or request more information by filling out the contact form. We’ll reply. Payment is then required to confirm your space. Call us at 250 344-6186 and pay with a credit card over…

Very Important! Snow King Needs You! Wed Jan 9 2018

The Snow King’s MasqueParade is created by those people who show up each year and share their talents and energy.  We want to alert the community that this year — after many years of service — a few key volunteers are retiring to a mentoring role. This will be their last year. This is a…