Video of Motus O creative movement session Nov 2017

Motus O came to town in November and gave a beautiful and inspiring workshop for children and youth at the Civic Centre. The company is truly wonderful in their skill, caring and approach to their engagement with the children. They should be teaching master classes to all practitioners in arts education. Here’s the video prepared by our  youth videographer Madeline Archibald plus we’ve included some feedback from very happy parents below!

But first a thank you note from John Denham:
Motus O. Honestly! Everytime I see their performances and hang out with them I am greatly enchanted and inspired. They are truly wonderful human beings that I believe embody the very best of being an artist. Professional, capable, creative, humble, curious, willing to share and fully able to involve themselves in the community… and gosh darnit they really age well!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to involve myself in a lot of the workshops and performances that they have done so I have seen first hand how authentic they are with what they have to offer. Seriously, they really want to share and they do it well. This has influenced how I do things with kids. But I have also interacted with a number of kids that have been involved with workshops and productions that they have put on and years later they remember the experience.

Motus O, has had a very positive impact on this town (and me), hence my profound thank you for continuing to bring them to town.

Motus O Golden video 11-17-17 from Bill Usher on Vimeo.

We are so grateful that we have had the opportunity to not only attend Motus O shows on numerous occasions but also the fact that my children have been involved each time. They enjoy it so much. The Motus O team are a great team who work so well with the children to ensure that they all enjoy themselves no matter their age or ability. Motus O bring out the best in them and give them the confidence that they need to perform. What a great workshop and performance at the weekend. We cannot wait for them to come back again.

My daughters loved dancing with Motus o. Here are some of the things they said:
“It was a lot of fun, even the stretches and exercises were fun.”
“It was a good experience to dance with professionals who have danced all over the country. When else would I get that opportunity?”
“It was so fun, I didn’t want to go home!”

My son liked having the chance to explore dance while being guided by the teachers. He liked all of the workshop even though he was rather shy and scared. When he got home he wanted to show the dance moves to his father. Great experience for a child who has no dance training to participate at an equal level with others. 

My daughter loved getting the opportunity to take part in the Motus O workshop.
It was a great opportunity for her to get creative with a great group of talented artists!
In our small town it was a real treat for her as where else would an 11 year
Old get the chance to take part in a theatre movement workshop in Golden?
Thanks Motus O and everyone else who made this happen.



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