Very Important! Snow King Needs You! Dec. 6, 2018

The Snow King’s MasqueParade is created by those people who show up each year and share their talents and energy. 

We want to alert the community that this year — after many years of service — a few key volunteers are retiring to a mentoring role. This will be their last year. This is a big challenge for us. These folks have been crucial to the MasqueParade’s growth these past 12 years.

But, with challenge comes opportunity. We need contributions from new people with fresh energy and passion to join us on this rewarding collective experience of creating something so wonderful for our community. This transition year is an opportunity to be mentored on what it takes to put on a community celebration that means so much to so many families in Golden. 

From the beginning in 2007, the dream of the MasqueParade hearkens back to a time when neighbours joined together to make their own entertainment and bring meaning to their lives through celebration.

But, while audiences at the Saturday night Pageant have been growing to all-time high numbers, the participation by neighbours and families in the creation of the “acts” that parade around the fire has decreased. Sadly, we miss that. It’s in that process of coming together to create the celebration that nourishes our well-being and brings magic into our lives.

We invite you to come and find out more how to join in:

Heed the Snow King’s Call to Gather
7pm Thursday Dec. 6, 2018
Golden Civic Centre

At this meeting, our key people will share with you how the MasqueParade is created and help you find the ways and means you can contribute your ideas, skills and energy … whether a little or a lot.

Please take a moment and fill in the contact form below. We have a variety of ways you can get involved during the weeks leading up to the MasqueParade or just in the last few days. Volunteer as much or as little as you can.

For instance, if you’re the handy physical type, you can help with the putting up and taking down of the event. Or you could work hands on with some bigger projects in the weeks leading up. If you’re a “crafty” type, then there’s so many opportunities to get together with others to imagine and create something special for the parade and pageant. If you like to plan events and coordinate people so we get the best from everyone, then there’s great opportunity for that too.

Take a look at the videos below and you’ll get a sense of what we do and how you can fit yourself into the mix …. or just come out on Thursday Dec 6 to say “Hi, I’m interested… tell me more.”

Together, we make low tech magic.
(See MasqueParade videos below) 

. Please fill out this contact info and we’ll get back to you.


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