Letter to the Editor from Wild & Silly Creatures of the Valley

Letter to the Editor/Ace Reporter for the Golden Star, Claire Palmer
from the Wild & Silly Creatures of the Valley.

Thank you for attending our last meeting on February 6 and writing about us in your newspaper. Most of our wild & silly creatures cannot read, so it was with great delight that I read to them your article in this week’s newspaper.

There was loud excitement expressed by members of our group when I read out their names — even though some grumbled that they felt their words were not quite accurately reported. (I thought you did very well given all the whistles, grunts, purrs, hoots, howls, shrieks and snorts.)

Regardless, there was great joy expressed that our efforts were printed up in the newspaper. Pack Rat, however, did have some concern that perhaps the Conservation Officer was now looking for him given that he has yet to return the shiny camera thingy.

In his defence, he has done an amazing job of taking everyone’s pictures and putting them into a movie that we will premier at 7pm this Saturday evening February 13. (Hint: the shiny camera thingy is in his den – if you can find it.)

So, if you would be so kind Ms. Palmer, please tell all the humans of the valley of the premier of our movie “Snow King and Lady Spring Come Back to the Valley!”We’re told that Kicking Horse Culture will have it available to watch on their website and their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, we hope to see you all out and about on the trails when the weather gets warmer and we will continue to practice our wild and silliness in the hopes that we may see you all again next year in the Snow King’s Castle.

Yours in playfulness,


(aka Skunk)