Martin O.

Switzerland’s Martin O. is like Bobby McFerrin
and Robin Williams co-existing in the same body!

7:30pm Nov 16 2018
Golden Civic Centre

A vocal virtuoso and nimble, amusing, and enthralling storyteller – imagine Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams co-existing in the same body – Martin O. is the most delightful Swiss export since milk chocolate.

Sometimes referred to as a “voice dancer,” the endlessly entertaining Martin O. is technically a solo performer but he’s really a one-man choir who travels with a million voices at his beck and call. His show, Dancing Voice, takes the audience on a remarkable trip through familiar and foreign worlds of sound and sound effects – a musical and aural journey that shifts effortlessly from Europe to India and America.

This voyage is often improvised, and can segue from Swiss yodeling to love ballads to impish pop music and much, much more, a beguiling blend of original songs and classic tunes done like you’ve never heard them before. Martin O. uses a unique looping device that allows him to weave numerous strands of his mellifluous vocals and sound effects into a swirling, symphonic tapestry that has to be heard to be believed – and even then it still seems a bit magical!

This unique, award-winning artist started out in an a cappella group but has been performing solo for over a decade now, amazing and charming audiences all around the world. Playful, whimsical, witty, enchanting and sometimes profound, the man with a voice like a nightingale is a surprise hit wherever he performs. We saw him perform a year ago and couldn’t believe it. As one reviewer wrote: “Martin O. grabs the audience with both the impishness of a little boy and the drama of a Shakespearean actor.” In short, you ain’t seen nothing like this before…don’t miss it!

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