Every February, all the wild and silly creatures of the valley gather together in Spirit Square to celebrate the return of the Snow King and Lady Spring to the valley.

The MasqueParade hearkens back to a time when neighbours joined together to make their own entertainment and bring meaning to their lives through celebration.

This is grassroots activity showcasing a wide range of hands-on artistic activities and attracting the widest possible audience – the whole community! Over a period of weeks, professional and community-based artists work in collaboration with folks in the community – both young and old and everyone in between – to create a large-scale outdoor ‘pageant’ performed with more than 1000 folks in Golden’s Spirit Square. Together, we make low tech magic.

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COVID-19 Protocols: Showing your COVID Vaccine Passport at our events is no longer mandated by the PHO. Wearing a mask is optional. Civic Centre seating is flexible to suit one’s comfort level.