DuffleBag Theatre

“Nearly world famous . . .
entertaining the galaxy one planet at a time.”

Toronto-based DuffleBag Theatre is one of Canada’s most celebrated and accomplished companies specializing in innovative children’s theatre. Since 1992 they have been retelling fairy tales and Shakespearean classics that they jazz up with zany wit and generous servings of creative anarchy. The company’s current repertoire contains over 15 different shows, and for their appearance in Golden they will be presenting an unforgettable version of Snow White.

2pm Saturday April 23 – doors open at 1:30pm (see below for special ticketing)

This will be fantastic family entertainment . . . especially if your family has a hankering for the antics of Monty Python! The DuffleBag style involves using just the outlines of the original storyline, which is then expanded with suggestions solicited from the audience, including all sorts of contemporary references. And as this is interactive theatre, many volunteers will be brought out of the audience to play cameo roles in this once-in-a-lifetime version of Snow White. Fun-filled, hilarious, and gloriously unpredictable, there is nothing quite as marvelously entertaining as a visit from DuffleBag Theatre!

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Logo---KHC-Youth-EngagementCourtesy of a grant awarded to KHC by the BC Arts Council’s Community Presenters Youth Engagement program DuffleBag Theatre will perform their zany version of The Three Musketeers in the Civic Centre for 300 elementary school students on Friday morning.


tickets-plainSPECIAL TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW: Adults $20 — With EACH adult ticket, you can ask for 2 FREE CHILDREN’S TICKETS — additional children’s tickets @ $5 — Tax additional
Box Office at Art Gallery of Golden or purchase by phone by calling 250 344-6186.