COVID-19 Protocols

While much effort has been put into reducing the spread of COVID-19 it is important to note that it is not possible to create a zero-risk environment. However, with appropriate measures in place, the risk of this occurring can be greatly reduced and the potential of COVID-19 spreading minimized.

This plan is a working document subject to change as new realities and understanding evolves throughout our planned Fall season. Following each performance, we will conduct an evaluation of our processes and procedures with Crew and patrons.

The Plan has been drafted by Executive & Artistic Director Bill Usher with the support of co-staff Miranda Corbett. The Plan has benefitted from months of dialogue with colleagues in the performing arts community specifically through Town Hall meetings held every Wednesday by Zoom with 50 to 70 colleagues from around the province. This Plan utilized the template for the performing arts provided by WorkSafeBC. The Plan further benefitted from the scrutiny of Actsafe Safety Association staff and has been modified to respond to their professional feedback and guidance. The Plan has also benefitted from the input and feedback from our contracted staff and Front Of House volunteers.

In general, we have

  • limited the number of people for the various spaces in the Civic Centre
  • developed protocols and provided signage and training
  • considered masks as last opportunity to ideally be used in conjunction with other precautionary measures we list throughout the plan.


Read the Live Kicks Safety Plan here – Updated 7 October 2020