The Small Glories

… explosive performances on festival stages all across North America fueled by tight harmonies and emotional authenticity

7:30pm Fri Apr 21
Golden Civic Centre

Winnipeg folk-roots duo The Small Glories are two incredible solo performers who have recently merged to create a single, highly expressive musical entity.

Cara Luft, a Juno award winner and co-founder of renowned folk trio The Wailin’ Jennys, is a skilled guitarist and banjo player as well as a searingly honest songwriter. Her new partner, JD Edwards, looks like he should be driving an 18-wheeler for a living but is in fact a soulful singer-songwriter blessed with one of the most versatile and powerful voices in Canada.

After they toured together in the summer of 2014 it was clear that a rare creative synergy was enhancing each person’s individual musical gifts and creating a special blend of tight harmonies and emotional authenticity. Cara is more the pure folkie, with a voice sometimes reminiscent of 1970s Joni Mitchell, while JD grounds things with an innate feel for blues, country, and Americana.

Both are seasoned road warriors and between the two of them they have a dozen notable albums – the latest being their critically-acclaimed debut CD, Wondrous Traveler. Great separately and even more impressive as a high-energy on-stage duo, The Small Glories are the next big thing in prairie music.

“The Small Glories blew everyone away. Not just their outstanding playing and singing, but their warmth and energy drew everyone in from the first moment and kept the audience spellbound until the last note.” Arisaig Acoustic Music Club, Scotland

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