Summer Kicks 2020


Wednesday June 24 from 6:30 to 8:30pm
CHELSEA OW & the PINK RIVER DOLPHINS with Ricky Diamonds
in the Selkirk Hill neighbourhood

For our second show of the summer we’re headed up to Selkirk Hill neighbours with Chelsea OW & The Pink River Dolphins. They describe their music as dream rock that crosses genres. COVID-19 has cooped them up for the past few months so they’re ready to come out of hiding!

The June 24 route will take the show to the Selkirk Hill neighbourhood. We’ve marked some “planned stops” where we’ll play a few songs and Area ‘A’ folks can go to those spots for sure to see a bunch of tunes.

We’re also going to go up and down the streets marked on this week’s map and, we’ll stop for a tune … if we’re wanted! For the ‘old folks’ in the crowd, think of it as a ‘whistle stop!”

Our prevailing message this summer though is please stay physically distanced and we can all be socially together!

Be sure to check our Facebook Page for updates and photos of past shows.


Wednesday June 17 from 6:30 to 8:30pm
The USUAL SUSPECTS with Ricky Diamonds
in the Dogwood Park neighbourhood

OK folks here we go with this grand experiment in response to COVID-19 … Taking Summer Kicks to the Streets! Bear with us, eh! We’re solving all the challenges as we go and we’re sure we’ll get this right before the end of the season! Check back here or go Kicking Horse Culture on Facebook and find the Events for our upcoming Wednesday evening shows.

The best cartographers in town have helped us create four neighbourhoods where the truck and trailer can manoeuvre around the streets and where there’s lots of green spaces for people to gather. We’ll cover a different neighbourhood each week. The June 17 route will take the show to the neighbourhood located around Dogwood Park.

To all our Townie friends … please reach out and invite your Area ‘A’ friends to pull up a chair on a green space near you – physically distanced but socially together, ok? That’s our prevailing message this summer: stay physically distanced and we can all be socially together!

We’ll be accompanied by a flotilla of Golden Fire Department trucks and we hope we pick up some clowns, cyclists, people out for a walk, and hula hoopers along the way too!

We’ve marked some “planned stops” where we’ll play a few songs. But, we’re also going to go up and down those streets marked on this week’s map and, we’ll stop for a tune … if we’re wanted! For the ‘old folks’ in the crowd, think of it as a ‘whistle stop!”

There’s no doubt you’ll hear us around town but we’ll also be going live on Facebook so you don’t miss a song.

So …spread the word, pull up some grass (to sit on), and let’s have some fun!

June 8, 2020
Summer Kicks takes the show to the streets this summer 

In partnership with the Town of Golden and CSRD Area ‘A’, Kicking Horse Culture will be taking music to the streets with the Summer Kicks concert series. This summer, residents will be able to enjoy live music concerts throughout the community from the comfort and safety of lawns, balconies and local park spaces. 

“With the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on professional touring musicians, the entire Summer Kicks lineup for 2020 had to be cancelled,” said Bill Usher, Executive and Artistic Director of Kicking Horse Culture. “That’s when I knew we had to get creative, so I reached out to the Town of Golden to see what we could come up with.” 

Every year the Town of Golden and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District provide funding to Kicking Horse Culture to host the Summer Kicks live music series. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, holding the concert series in Spirit Square is no longer an option due to physical distancing requirements and hosting events of over 50 people. Over the last two months Kicking Horse Culture and the Town of Golden have been working together to brainstorm alternative options to present live music in Golden. 

“I want to give lots of credit to Jordan Petrovics at the Town for his creative input and can-do attitude in making all these changes possible,” said Usher. 

This year, instead of musicians travelling from far and wide to play in Spirit Square, Summer Kicks will keep it local with a rolling curbside concert series. 

When Al Miller of Golden’s Home Hardware heard about the idea, he jumped on the opportunity to help out by providing the bands with a stage in the form of a truck and flatbed trailer. 

“Keeping our audience and performers safe is our number one priority,” said Usher. “Taking Summer Kicks to the streets is designed with the recommendations of our Public Health Official in mind, so we can be physically distanced, but socially together.” 

Summer Kicks will showcase some of Golden’s favourite musicians and bands such as Buddy Wackett and the Floorwalkers, Retrofied, The Usual Suspects, Carl Trinkwon, Dust on Crust, the Parson Jazz Collective and more! 

Accompanied by the Golden Fire Department, the Summer Kicks rolling review will visit neighbourhoods throughout town over 10 Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. starting June 17 (weather may impact the number and exact dates of the concert series). Locations will be selected 

strategically so that the largest number of people from Golden and Area ‘A’ can enjoy the show safely as it passes. 

“As much as we’d love to come down every street, in every neighbourhood, we simply can’t do that because of the logistics of the truck and trailer setup,” explained Usher. “But we’re doing our best to make sure as many people as possible can still enjoy live music this summer.” 

To find out where the Summer Kicks will be coming to a neighbourhood near you, stay tuned on social media by following Kicking Horse Culture at or on Instagram @kickingculture. 

“We are really excited to hit the streets this summer,” said Usher. “We’ve got lots of great music planned and some surprises and announcements to come, so stay tuned!” 

Residents are encouraged to share their photos and videos of their experience enjoying Summer Kicks by tagging Kicking Horse Culture and the Town of Golden on Facebook and Instagram. 

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