Joelle Rabu with Nico Rhodes

… Rabu is Edith Piaf, Bette Midler and Carole Burnett all rolled into one extraordinary performer.

7:30pm Fri Jan 20
Golden Civic Centre

For the past three decades, singer Joelle Rabu has been indelibly connected with the songs of Edith Piaf, the legendary Parisian chanteuse. Long based in Vancouver, the multiple award-winning Rabu has toured five continents with her celebrated stage play: Tonight . . . Piaf.

From that show here is Joelle’s spine tingling version of Je ne regrette rien

A brilliant and passionate singer and performer, Rabu has also had an impressive parallel career as a stage actor and singer in both dramas and musicals. Most notably, she tours doing varied repertoire under the banner of “Joelle Rabu in Concert,” offering audiences an unforgettable evening of musicality and theatricality. Singing in English, French, and Spanish while delving into the poignant world of European cabaret-style tunes, classic jazz standards, and emotive torch songs, Rabu combines powerhouse vocals with a lively and sometimes comedic stage presence. One critic remarked: “Rabu is Edith Piaf, Bette Midler and Carole Burnett all rolled into one extraordinary performer.”

On her current tour Rabu is performing with her 24-year-old son, Nico Rhodes. As a young boy he toured with his mom dscf5013-nicoand absorbed music like a sponge: by the time he was 16 he was an award-winning classical pianist and saxophonist. Now a veteran of both musical theatre and the world of jazz, Rhodes is a gifted arranger who uses his extensive pianistic skills to frame and enhance the intimate power of his mother’s superb vocal interpretations.

And here’s Nico and Joelle really stretching out on a medley version of What a Wonderful World and God Bless The Child … magical.

Together, these two remarkable performers “own the stage” as they fill the concert hall with warmth and charm and the unforgettable spirit of their music.

And here’s one last offering to whet your appetite. Joelle and Nico are just amazing on their recorded version of  Cucurucucu. And, will be even more so when they take the stage at the Civic Centre on Jan 20. Tickets at AGOG.

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