In The Dark with James & Jamesy

Simultaneously old fashioned and mysteriously modern is the latest hard-to-describe theatrical charmer by these Fringe Festival cult favourites.

7:30pm Fri Mar 6 2019
Golden Civic Centre

If Mr. Bean ever got chummy with Jean-Paul Sartre the result might be a little bit like In The Dark, the latest hard-to-describe theatrical charmer by Fringe Festival cult favourites James & Jamesy.

There’s an unlit stage on which two strangers meet, each holding a chair. Although their only task is to place the chair and then depart, that unexpected encounter provokes the two men to commence a wacky examination into the meaning of concepts like “self” and “purpose.” As the understandings and misunderstandings pile up, the resulting performance ping-pongs between deft physical comedy and witty word play . . . and between enigma and enchantment.

Welcome to the remarkable world of James & Jamesy, who over several years have built up a huge audience of Fringe fans for their legendary Tea productions. Dexterously balanced between comedy and performance art, the work of James & Jamesy is here pared down to the theatrical minimum, allowing their unusual brand of genius to shine through all the deliberate darkness. And In The Dark is aptly named as the only lighting comes from giant lamps attached to the heads of the two men.

Although this pair of artists uses many of the old-fashioned building blocks of comedy such as exaggerated facial expressions and bantering reminiscent of Abbott and Costello, they ground it with an elegantly controlled physicality that is nearly mesmerizing. Simultaneously old fashioned and mysteriously modern, this unique show is guaranteed to delight existing fans and make newcomers wish they had regularly been taking Tea with these remarkable, consistently inventive performers.

Performers Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles are long-time favourites of KHC and A-Muse Troupe and we have been able to find funds to bring the duo into town a night early to deliver a workshop for youth and adults. With their help, workshop participants will create a short piece that will be performed the following night as an opener to In The Dark! Stay tuned for details on how to participate.

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