Ryan Bavin

Image by Ryan Bavin

Photo © Ryan Bavin – BUGABOO MOONSET

I was given my first camera for my 12th birthday while on a backpacking trip with my family just south of the Bugaboos in the Chalice creek/Septet area. Some of the first photographs I made were of the Bugaboos.

Since then I have made countless more, from many angles and in different light. One of the commonalities with these photos is that they are all taken during daylight hours.

While working at the Bugaboo lodge in winter, I began to appreciate the amazing views of the spires at night, by the light of the moon. This inspired me to experiment with night photography, to try and capture the spires in this light. I took this photo on a rare clear night in March 2011. I remember feeling so happy to see the moon and stars as they had been obscured by clouds and falling snow for the majority of that particular winter.