Marc Piche

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Photo © Marc Piche

Having almost lived at the East Creek Camp for two entire summers while researching our Bugaboo guidebook project, we would often sleep in while climbers would walk by in the early hours to climb the Beckey-Chouinard route on the South Howser Tower.  One day I awoke to find someone perfectly silhouetted part way up the route in perfect weather and thought… bad day to sleep in!

Image by Marc Piche

Photo © Marc Piche

Start of the heli skiing season and the helicopter has just arrived. The pilot needs to familiarize himself with the personality of this particular machine before starting operations the next day.  I hop in for the ride and experience one of the most incredible views of the Bugaboos I have ever experienced with a bright sun setting to the west and the Rockies bathed in pink light, the contrast between sun and shadow on the Pigeon Feathers from my seat at 4500m was surreal.