John Scurlock

image by Scurlock

Photo © John Scurlock

I had been thinking about photographing the Bugaboos from the air for several years, but circumstances led me first to Mt. Robson and the northern Rockies during a failed attempt to photograph the Lloyd George Icefield (in northern British Columbia), in May of 2008. Through my Robson photographs, I connected and became friends with Pat and Baiba Morrow in Wilmer, who were active in the Conrad Kain Centennial Society. Pat suggested “Kain” peaks as worthy photographic objectives; the idea stoked my determination to do photography in the Purcells and Rockies, so in early September, 2008, I made my first flights to the Bugaboo group. An early fall storm had dusted the peaks with snow and ice; the weather was still inclement when I arrived at the Bugs from the southwest, with wind and turbulence making the flight interesting. A deck of gray clouds lay above the peaks, but I was still able to photograph extensively on all sides of the group, but with heavy emphasis on the east side. One of my favorite views was obtained as the plane swung past Bugaboo Spire, filigreed with snow, with the Howsers coming into view as the plane proceeded northward.