Herve Bertho

Image by Hervé Bertho

Photo © Hervé Bertho

August 2008, second day in the Bugaboos, coming all the way  from Montreal the day before, father and son got up at 3:00 a.m. to climb the classic Kain Route. It is dark when we leave the hut, we are nervous, lights are on… We are climbing in the cold air, trying to digest the peanut butter toast and thinking, half awake, about all the unknown ahead, new mountain range, new route, the Bugaboo Col in front of us, crevasses, the infamous gendarme up there…. route finding etc… We just keep on going, scrambling and climbing in the dark until the sun rises. We stop for a short moment and suddenly all is well; it is going to be a fine day, we are on the route, we are focused, we are warm, strong and happy.

Father and son will have a very successful week of climbing and return to the Bugs two years later to complete the NE ridge on Bugaboo Spire. And we shall be back!