Mya DeRyan – The Art of Gyotaku

Mya DeRyan is one of a precious few professional practitioners of the ancient Japanese art form of Gyotaku. Literally translated Gyotaku means “fish rubbing”.

Through years of experimentation and self exploration Mya has developed innovative techniques and media that allow her to pull intricate detail from her subjects, while retaining the artistic expression that puts her work at the forefront of Gyotaku artistry.

With works hanging on the walls of fine art collectors world wide, and private commissions of their own trophy fish hanging on the walls  of spor tfishermen, Mya’s work has transcended the boundaries of traditional art. It serves not only as expressive and intricately crafted fine art, but as Gyotaku was first intended so long ago, documentary artwork of a fisherman’s trophy. Some have called it a “wife approved” alternative to taxidermy.

“A fisherman can exaggerate, but a fish rubbing never lies…”

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Mya’s talents were recently recognized by The Globe and Mail. Click the link to read the article “The obscure, high art form of Gyotaku rubs people the right way” by Mark Hume