Mountain Time

April 29 to June 16, 2011

Darcy says, “I photograph wild places and outdoor lifestyles of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and surrounding area, and hope that after looking at these images you’ll get as excited about this place as I am. It’s as simple as that, but to put it into a few more words…

“After years of exploring and photographing this wondrous area, I have selected images from thousands, based upon their ability to invite exploration by having the viewer say “I wish I was there”. These images are the result of looking for the artistry that is, I think, part of our natural world. Some were taken from well-known areas, but many are from more isolated, remote locations. I usually visit locations numerous times until the conditions are right to create that special image. More and more, I am trying to create photography that tells intimately of the natural history of an animal or place.

“It’s not all about the images, but also the experience that was involved in getting those images – and about being there. It’s about everything from planning and organization of field trips, to selecting the right square meter of ground to take the image from, and doing everything I can to enable the hoped for light and other variables come together. It’s about the rush you get when you know you have only a few minutes or even seconds to take the image in fading light. But it is also about more predictable things, like being self-sufficient in the backcountry, that smell of pine needles on the trail in the spring, and knowing that you did not forget the coffee filter.

“I have worked as a professional forester involved with strategic planning for environmental, recreational and timber forest values.”