April Verch Band

A virtuosic “down home” performer who brings the
old-fashioned virtues of her Ottawa Valley home
onto every stage she graces.

7:30pm, Wed, March 9, 2016
Golden Civic Centre

By the time April Verch graduated high school, she’d won the Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship and released a pair of well-received albums. She then went on to win the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Competition — not that she was one for bragging much. (In fact she has won approximately 400 prizes for fiddling and step-dancing!) Above anything she was determined to become a professional musician, and has long-since transitioned from fiddle wunderkind to dazzling performer and songwriter in her own right.

1297394492840_ORIGINALAn exuberant step-dancer and sweetly emotive singer, Verch is a virtuosic but “down home” performer, and one who brings the old-fashioned virtues of her native Ottawa Valley upbringing onto every stage she graces. Her timeless repertoire – a mix of country, folk, Irish-Canadian, and bluegrass – never fails to grab an audience’s heart. For even though Verch released her 10th CD earlier this year and has a busy touring schedule, this seasoned pro never seems too far distant from the girl who came of age playing at old-fashioned community dances in Rankin, Ontario. “It’s all about touching people, about bringing them together to celebrate music,” explains Verch. And the key to her success is paying homage to various traditional genres while creating a style all her own. Totally April . . . completely amazing.

Listen to April’s new album here.

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