605 Collective

Athletic, fast-paced, and playful movement
creates an adventurous, hip new dance form.

7:30pm Thursday April 14, 2016
Golden Civic Centre

KHC is pleased to welcome back 605 Collective, the renowned Vancouver-based dance company that creates cutting-edge physical expression via a shared creative process. Drawing their inspiration from everything from hip-hop to ballet, they emphasize demanding physicality in work that is quintessentially urban and electrifyingly modern. Formed in nearly a decade ago, 605 Collective has performed at leading dance festivals and venues across North America, from Montreal to San Francisco, Banff to New York City. They have also worked extensively with numerous filmmakers, and began their first tours to South America and Europe in the fall of 2015.

605-Run-1-18-webLast time in Golden, 605 workshopped with a few dozen youth over a few days while the Company prepped for their performance of New Animal (featuring the consuming of a few dozen lemons on stage!) On this return visit to Golden, they will be presenting a brand new piece, Vital Few. A collaborative creation from six dancers, including Collective’s artistic co-directors Lisa Gelley and Josh Martin, Vital Few explores notions of codependence and interrelation between the performers. An exciting blend of unity and individualism, the work becomes a kind of moving sculpture where group dynamics and gestures of autonomy coalesce into a highly rhythmic collective consciousness where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As Martin and Gelley express it, “Movement-wise, we want Vital Few to carry a sense of conversation in motion, with very diverse language built from the vocabularies of each individual on stage.”

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The 605 Collective will be in residence at the Civic Centre for three days before their performance of Vital Few on Thursday evening April 14. They will be offering evening workshops for a small group of dancers––teenagers and up––who will train with the 605 Collective dancers and choreograph a short piece to be videotaped and shown to the audience at the Thursday evening performance. Stay tuned for more information on how people can participate in this residency.

tickets-plainBox Office at Art Gallery of Golden or purchase by phone by calling 250 344-6186. The first 75 tickets for Members are $15! After that, Member’s Regular Advance tickets are $20.  Members and Non-Members at the door $25. Students always $5. Tax additional.