Wild & Silly Creatures announce the Premiere of their MaskedParade Movie!

Report from a Meeting of Wild & Silly MasqueParade Creatures 02-06-2021

“As I reported in the Minutes of our last meeting on January 20,” says Scribe loudly as he tries to quieten the assembled wild & silly creatures of the valley gathered in the circle around the fire, “it seems that Pack Rat did not give the shiny camera thingy back to the human … er … who lost it.”

“I am going to give it back,” Pack Rat said “but I have a really, really, really good reason for not giving it back – yet.”

Owl, still known for her wisdom, said “Yes, in this instance — just this once — we must forgive Pack Rat. One might say that Pack Rat has indeed contributed ah, to the greater good, by putting the shiny camera thingy to good use … instead of just hoarding it for himself in his nest!” Fluffing up her feathers, Owl continued “He took some very nice pictures of me.”

“Me too,” said Moose from the back of the crowd.

“And me,” said Heron.

“And me,” said Bear.

Dog said, “Me too. I looked really good.”

All the wild and silly creatures whistled, grunted, purred, hooted, howled, shrieked and snorted in agreement.

“And what are you going to do with all those pictures?” asked ace reporter Claire Palmer covering the meeting for The Golden Star.

Wolf crept into the middle of the circle. “Well, it’s not safe for the great big crowd of wild & silly creatures to gather in the Square by the covered bridge. So we’re using the movie app on the shiny camera thingy to make a movie to send to Snow King and Lady Spring!”

“You — wild & silly creatures of the valley —  are making a movie?” said ace reporter for The Golden Star Claire Palmer, more than slightly incredulous.

“Yes!” exclaimed Pack Rat. “We’ve been all over the valley taking pictures of wild & silly creatures everywhere! Everywhere!”

Wolf raised his head and sniffed. “You know last week our Moon was full …. the Wolf Moon … named after me. So I went down to the confluence and Pack Rat took pictures of me while I howled, and howled, and howled. I wanted to see if I could call Snow King.”

“And did you?” said ace reporter for The Golden Star Claire Palmer, more than just a little intrigued.

“We don’t know,” Wolf and Pack Rat said dejectedly. “But, the hairs on our backs all stood up at once!”

“Was it creepy?” said Dog.

“No, not creepy,” said Wolf and Pack Rat together. “But there was something going on and we don’t know what it was.”

“That is creepy,” said Dog.

“No, it’s a hoot,” said Owl

“What do you mean?” said Dog.

“In my infinite wisdom,” said Owl “I believe that Snow King and Lady Spring heard the Call and sent a message to Wolf and Pack Rat.”

They all cried out at once, “How do you know?”

“Well, I get around,” said Owl fluffing her feathers “And I am wise.”

What a clamour! All the wild & silly creatures in the circle around the fire began to argue loudly ‘who was the wisest’ and ‘who got around the most.’

“Hold on. Hold on!” said Claire Palmer ace reporter for The Golden Star, more than just a little frustrated. “I’m on deadline here guys …. so tell me when are you going to show this movie?”

“Well just after dusk this Saturday is the traditional time for Snow King & Lady Spring to come greet us in the Square.” said Wolf.

“Yes,” Pack Rat jumped in. “So we’re going to use the Facebook app on the shiny camera thingy and premiere our movie then so everyone in the valley can watch it!”

“Really?” said ace reporter Claire Palmer for The Golden Star, more than just a little dubious. As she left the Bush Party fire circle and headed back to town, she could hear the cries of all the wild & silly creatures debating what snacks and drinks they would get in for the movie premiere. She thought to herself, “What a bunch of wild & silly creatures! I’ll believe this when I see it!”