KHC Board invites new members

Are you a passionate fan of the cultural activities KHC provides for our community?

Do you enjoy and value the community vitality that KHC’s activities help create?


In 2013, the Golden District Arts Council aka Kicking Horse Culture moved from being a hands-on management Board to a Carver Policy Governance Board (PG). Practicing Policy Governance, the KHC Board’s connects its authority and accountability to those who are seen to “morally” own the organization — the Golden community. The governance purpose of our Board is to exercise strategic foresight and leadership by translating the values of the organization’s moral owners into the results that our professional staff is tasked to achieve. Accordingly, the KHC Board has developed written Policies, which are regularly monitored to ensure the Golden District Arts Council achieves what it should and avoids what is unacceptable. The Board conducts ongoing linkage with our community and is able to adjust policies to reflect changing community values and direction.

Working with his staff and dozens of community volunteers, our Executive & Artistic Director Bill Usher is then responsible for the management of our daily operations that create and produce approximately four dozen public events for the community of Golden each year. Our annual budget is over $500,000 and we provide full and part-time employment for approximately 10 people and create economic benefit throughout the community of Golden. The Town of Golden and CSRD Area ‘A’ has confirmed their funding support to KHC for another 5 years. 

Practicing Policy Governance provides clear definition of where governance stops and management starts.  If you have had experience with a hands-on management style Board you will note the differences in how a PG Board governs.

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Kalika Bowlby – Chair, Merryl Edington-Hryb, Elva Mertick, Dustin Thomson.