Reports from a Meeting of Wild & Silly MasqueParade Creatures 2021

Report from a Meeting of Wild & Silly MasqueParade Creatures 01-20-2021

Since the nights got dark and cold, all the wild & silly creatures of the valley have been thinking of all kinds of ways that we can invite and host Snow King and Lady Spring back to the valley again … while still keeping everyone safe during the pandemic.

We thought about it long and hard and everyone chattered away at each other (physically distanced of course) trying to find a way – but with no luck. How can we welcome Snow King & Lady Spring back to the valley if we can’t gather? How can we invite them?

All the wild and silly creatures slumped around for quite a long time because this is always the most funnest time of the year having a big party in the dark and cold of winter! And now we were going to miss it.

Then Wolf came up with an idea. Wolf is always the one we rely on to come into the circle to howl, and howl, and howl … and howl calling out to Snow King & Lady Spring to make their way to the fire. Then all 1,000 wild and silly creatures of the valley soon join in howling their heads off around the snowy circle! And like magic, … da dah … Snow King and Lady Spring make their way across the covered bridge and enter under the arch into Spirit Square.

So Wolf stepped in and said, “We got to send a message to Snow King and Lady Spring. They’re not going to know how much we want to see them unless we tell them,” said Wolf.

Wolf told us that he sent a letter to Santa Claus this year because he didn’t think Santa Clause was going to come because of the pandemic. But, then when he woke up in the den on Christmas morning, there was this lovely gift wrapped ‘onesy’ pyjama outfit for him. “Santa had come while I was sleeping,” exclaimed Wolf!

“So we need all the kids in town to send a message to Snow King and Lady Spring that we want to see them. That’s all.”

“How are they going to do that,” said Pack Rat?

Standing tall and proud, Wolf said, “Well they will howl, and howl, like they usually do.”

“That’s not going to work,” said Pack Rat “because the kids are all inside their houses howling and nobody will hear them.”

Everyone hung their heads in dejection thinking of the fun they were going to miss.

Then Pack Rat slowly smiled, an idea coming to life.

“You guys know how much I love bright and shiny things, eh?” Pack Rat said. “Well, I saw this shiny thingy in a human’s hands and they were taking movies of each other with it.”

“Yeah, my humans are always taking movies of me,” Dog said. “I look pretty good, you know.”

Pack Rat continued, “Well, when they weren’t looking, I picked it up, and because … er … I’ve forgotten to take it back …. er …. I still have it … it’s pretty cool.”

Everyone moaned at Pack Rat’s bad manners.

“But… hold on … here’s what we do. We get all the wild and silly creatures to spread the word to all the kids in the valley to make a little movie on their phone thingys and we send all those movies to Snow King and Lady Spring telling them how much we miss them and love them and how much we want them to come back to the valley!”

Moose looked at Owl. Trout looked at Bear. Wolf looked at Elk. Cat looked at Mouse. Then, all at once, everyone cheered!

Scribe, who was madly taking minutes of the meeting, said, “OK. I got all that but, what do the kids ‘do’ and ‘say’ in the movie?”

Owl, known for her wisdom, said, “Tell them to gather in their family bubble all dressed up in their finest and funnest plumage … and make sure they’re wearing a mask. Tell them to speak to the camera thingy and say, ‘Snow King! Lady Spring! Please come back to the valley. We miss you!'”

Everyone cheered!

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” said Wolf. “It was my idea. Can’t they maybe do a howl or two, too? Eh? Please?”

Everyone looked at each other. Then they all howled …. very loudly!

“OK, OK. I got work to do,” said Scribe. “I got to get this written up and sent out on the valley telegraph. Meeting adjourned. Let’s all report back next week. Same time, same place!”

Scribe has now updated the report with a link and instructions on how to send your ‘home movie’ to Snow King & Lady Spring. Help us bring the Snow King and Lady Spring back to the valley!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Get dressed up with your household or core bubble in your silliest, wildest and craziest creature costumes and your funkiest mask.

2. Take a short video with your mobile phone (hold the phone horizontally for the best results) of you and your household or core bubble saying:


If you want…you can howl too!

3. Upload the video or post it to social media with the hashtag: