Banff Mountain Film Fest 45th World Tour – Virtual Edition Watch Now!

Fluff your couch cushions and grab some snacks, because this year the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour has gone virtual … and we have your access!

The pandemic has kept the World Tour from travelling this winter so sadly we can’t all gather in the Rec Plex next week to watch a couple of hours of the best in mountain adventure films. But not to worry … because the World Tour has created TWO programs of films and made them available to KHC online.

As a long-time host of the Tour in Golden, BMFF has provided Kicking Horse Culture with a unique affiliate link for our community to get your “ticket” to watch the programs. And it’s a bit of a fundraiser for us too! Instead of selling 600 tickets this year for a night at the Rec Plex together, we’re hoping we can entice at least 300 folks to click through to watch.

While we can’t replicate the experience of seeing the Banff Film Fest films on the big screen surrounded by friends and community, we are excited to still offer you access to this year’s selections of amazing outdoor films.

Here are the details:
*  there are TWO programs of selected films called “Amber” and Onyx” – each runs about two hours
*  each program is $15 USD for a 3-day rental period OR
*  you can buy both programs in a bundle for $28 USD and have a 14 day rental period
*  the rental period begins as soon as you press play
*  films can be re-watched within their rental period

It’s a World Tour and Tour producers tell us that the payments are in US dollars because of current platform limitations for varying currencies. We’ve been told that some backend functionalities need to be upgraded first, and then they hope — in the future — that folks will be able to pay in CAD.

Drum roll please … Click our unique affiliate link to watch this year’s best selection of BMFF World Tour films!

When you click through, you can see details on the films in each program and watch trailers for each program too. And when you hear that familiar heart thumping theme music, you just know you’re about to see the World Tour! Enjoy!


Help tips from BMFF:
If your audience has any technical difficulties, please direct them right to Vimeo for assistance: (via the help tab at the bottom of the bottom of the platform page). There are some excellent resources in the Vimeo help section that would be great to review prior to the tour launch (such as How do I watch via Chromecast?, How do I watch on my SmartTV?, How to troubleshoot lagging videos etc).”