FILM Kicks presents FIRST COW Thurs Nov. 5



On the success of our first film showing this year, FILM Kicks is planning to show three more films before Christmas. Come into AGOG or call 250-344-6186 to reserve. Masks must be worn when entering the theatre.


Two travellers, on the run from a band of vengeful hunters in the 1820’s Northwest, dream of striking it rich — but their tenuous plan to make their fortune on the frontier comes to rely on the secret use of a landowner’s pried dairy cow!

7:30pm Thursday Nov. 5, 2020 at the Golden Cinema
Advance tickets only at AGOG or call 250 344-6186
Due to Covid-19 physical distancing only 35 seats (approx) available

“First Cow,” is  simultaneously gentle and unsparing dissection of the formative flaws of capitalism, a frontier story which captures the harsh realities and simple pleasures of a life built painstakingly from rock, wood, and soil; a heist movie; an argument for the power of baked goods.  But above all else, it is a story of friendship, treated here as a haven and basic human need.

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“Behind every great fortune, someone once said — not quite Balzac, though he often gets the credit — lies a great crime. The fortune amassed by Cookie (John Magaro) and King-Lu (Orion Lee), partners in a mid-19th-century artisanal snack-food start-up in a rough section of the Oregon Territory, is a modest one: a cloth sack filled with shells, cutup coins and company scrip. The crime that brings them that bounty is correspondingly small-scale. Under cover of night, the two men sneak over to a pasture near the cabin they share and milk someone else’s cow. (King-Lu takes lookout duty in a tree, while Cookie fills the pail.)

“That patient, inscrutable animal is the title character, and in effect the female lead, of “First Cow,” Kelly Reichardt’s deceptively simple and wondrously subtle new film. A parable of economics and politics, with shrewd insights into the workings of supply and demand, scarcity and scale and other puzzles of the marketplace, the movie is also keenly attuned to details of history, both human and natural.”

Read the full New York Times review here…

Film fans please note that with the renovations at the Golden Cinema the main screening room is now smaller and has fewer seats available. Given Covid-19 precautions for physical distancing only 35 ADVANCE tickets (approx.) will be available in person at the Art Gallery of Golden or by calling 250 344-6186. Please follow the directions of our volunteers when entering the cinema.