Announcing Golden’s first “I Like It!”: The Anonymous Art Show

The Art Gallery of Golden has witnessed the excitement and success of the North Vancouver Community Arts Council’s long running annual community Christmas art show called Anonymous. Graciously, NVCAC has given us permission to borrow their model and make it our own.

This Spring AGOG applied for and was awarded funds from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance to create our first version of the show and we’re calling it “I Like It!” The Anonymous Art Show. The opening reception and sales will start at 2pm on Saturday, November 17.

Local community members ….. it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. It doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as an artist or a hobbyist or you and your family just like to have fun playing around with creating something… you are ALL invited to participate by creating and submitting small works on 8”x8” canvas frames or wood panels.

The thrill of the exhibit is that all works are displayed anonymously, with the artist remaining a mystery until the work is purchased. In other words, visitors browse the exhibit collage and when they say “I Like It!” they can purchase the piece, turn the piece over, and the artist is revealed! 

In this fashion, long standing artists enjoy the opportunity of working in small sizes and will sometimes try a new technique behind the veil of anonymity while for others this may be their first time exhibiting a piece to the public. With all work priced at $60, original work becomes accessible to the community.

DJs Paper Place has lots of artist supplies in store, and with their collaborative support and sponsorship AGOG will have the 8″x8″ canvas frames or wood panels available for purchase AT THE GALLERY at a discount when you register with us.

So… come on in to AGOG, tell us your interested in giving it a try to submit something for the exhibit. We’ll take your name and info and you’ll be able to purchase the 8″x8″ canvas frames or wood panels at a discount – some limits will apply. Folks can submit up to three works into the exhibit.

Opening Reception:
All canvases must be finished and submitted to AGOG by end of business hours November 12th in time for AGOG staff to install the show in time for the BIG opening reception and sales start at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, November 17.

Make sure you also check out our Blog Post announcing the 6 Visual Arts workshops to help you get inspired for “I Like It!” The Anonymous Art Show.

Some reminders as you prepare your one, two or three pieces for the exhibit:

  • only submit 8” x 8” x 1 ½” back stapled canvas or wood panel (same as what we have been selling at AGOG)
  • full name, signature, and title of piece must be written on the BACK – no identifying names on the front please
  • please title your piece(s)
  • submit pieces dry and unwired
  • mark an “up” arrow on the back to indicate top
  • deadline for submissions at AGOG is end of day Monday Monday Nov 12.
  • BUT, you are encouraged to drop off your submissions at AGOG ANYTIME prior to the deadline. The sooner the better for us.
  • at AGOG you will fill out your submission form. This guarantees we can track which work(s) you have submitted and pay you the 60% commission when sold

For questions, email us at