AGOG presents “heART matters” exhibit Heather Barrett

The Art Gallery of Golden is very pleased to present Heather Barrett’s exhibit “heART matters” at the opening reception on Friday May 25, 2018  from 5pm to 7pm. Heather will be in the gallery to talk about the various pieces in this collection. Appies are complimentary and all are very welcome.

Heather tells us…

I am trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist with a focus on social change, and I love the freedom that my training brought to my exploration of becoming a painter. I’m also an artist who loves living in Golden B.C. – a place that continually reminds me of how beautiful and vibrant the earth is, and of what an everyday gift it is to be in the mountains with the rivers and wetlands at our front and back doors.

I believe that art and art-making are transformative – and so vitally important in our world right now. And I have a beautiful three-year-old son who is continually helping me learn and grow. He makes me think about the kind of world I would like him to grow up in: a world where the earth is respected and valued, where there is equity, balance, and honouring for all people, especially those who are marginalized, where we treat all beings with compassion, and where art, creativity, and compassion matter. Those are the kinds of thoughts and feelings that inspire my art.

I also feel honoured to work with women, children, and families at the Golden Family Centre as one of the abuse recovery counsellors there. I feel very lucky that I get to share, and witness, the amazing creativity of the people who surround me every day and am continually inspired by them.

I often paint with a feeling of curiosity and of letting go. When I begin a work I rarely have an image or idea in mind of what I am going to do – instead, I let my intuition guide me and very often paint over parts that I am not enjoying as much. My paintings are multilayered, and that is why I love using acrylics; I can paint over areas as often as I like until what I see feels right. This practice supports risk-taking, and challenges me in ways that I might not have previously imagined.

Taking risks in art-making reminds me to take risks in other areas of my life as well – which includes doing this art show – something that I find to be both a wonderful opportunity and totally nerve-wracking.