Come dance with Motus O! Friday Nov 17 – register here

MOTION TO MOVIE! Motus O is coming to town this week to perform their One Hit Wonders show on Saturday evening. KHC has arranged for the company to provide a dance/theatre workshop on Friday Nov. 17 from 4pm to 8pm at the Civic Centre. Please read the details carefully and register below.

N.B. We’ve modified the format somewhat so we can especially accommodate primary and junior aged children starting at 4pm and going to about 6pm.  Older children, teens and adults can also come for 4pm and stay right through until 8pm OR you can join us mid-way before 6pm to participate for the last two hours.

If you’ve “danced” with Motus O before you know what a wonderful experience this will be. If you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed. The name Motus O is from the latin for MOTUS  OPERANDI “the operation of movement”, literally, how movement can be used to communicate  emotion, thought and a story. The company desire to, in their own words “ to give every movement meaning and to move as if it has meaning”.

The workshop, lead by Motus O dancers, will explore in a fun and interactive way how motion can be used to communicate and connect with each other. All ages are encouraged to attend, all skill levels and experience. Actors , dancers and interested parties are all welcome. During the process local filmmaker Madeline Archibald will  capture “movement moments” and edit them into a  video that will be shown as part of the Saturday night performance.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best. Motus O members are expert instructors. Having been on factuality and/or taught at such places as The Banff Centre for the Art, Royal Conservatory of Music, Norman Jewison’s Canadian Centre for Film. As well as theatre, dance and arts teachers for Universities, high schools and educational institutes throughout Canada.

Space is limited and it’s Free. Workshop participants will not be dancing in the Saturday night performance as some have done before.