BC Touring Council “true value” Survey Results

Kicking Horse Culture was asked to participate in a small survey of 7 performing arts presenters throughout BC prior to our annual Pacific Contact conference in Burnaby, April 2015. Much has been researched and written in North America over the last decade to come to understand the “true value” of presenting the performing arts for our audiences and for our citizens. And much is made of  the economic and quality of life benefits delivered to communities by arts and cultural activities and events. But, this symposium and survey was focussed on teasing out and exploring the “human” …. the “transformative” feelings that people experience when witnessing or participating in the arts. “How does participation in the arts make you feel?”

The survey was administrated by our provincial association BCTC to gain regional data prior to our working symposium called “Making The Case” delivered by esteemed arts practitioner Jerry Yoshitomi from California. The survey asked 8 questions that caused respondents to think about the feelings they experienced while participating in a performance or arts activity. We published the invite on Facebook and provided 36 hours for responses. All told KHC’s responses totalled 91 of the provincial count of 966 from the 7 performing arts centres. (Vancouver’s The Cultch; Victoria’s Open Ears series; Vernon Performing Arts Centre; Trail’s Charles Bailey Theatre; Kitimat Concert Association; Cranbrook’s Key City Theatre.)

Mr. Yoshitomi spoke specifically to KHC’s results, “I first want to congratulate the Members of the Board of Directors, staff, and other involved contributors regarding the successful work of Kicking Horse Culture.  I have referenced your work in many locations in North America. You can see that the responses to the Kicking Horse Culture experiences exceeded responses to the same questions from other locations.  Also, the narrative comments (see below), were remarkable in their passion.”

What was fascinating for us here at KHC to see was the percentage of respondents who have lived more than 10 years in the community and the significant number of respondents in the 26 to 55 age ranges. That was particularly gratifying.

KHC-age slidecommunity years slide

Here are the Questions and % of KHC’s respondents who checked “yes” as compared with the other provincial presenters respondents: As a result of my experiences with this Performing Arts Centre/Series I am able to (check all that apply):

KHC-connect KHC-exploreKHC-learnKHC-share KHC-meaningKHC-transformed KHC-uplift


Here are the comments our respondents contributed.

Please describe an experience with this organization that was personally meaningful to you.  When did it occur? What other people were involved?  Please think about a saying, a phrase or just a word that describes your experience. 

a wonderful way to meet up with friends and enjoy the show

receptions – feel like a community!

Months after my husband died a show made me laugh for the first time

I could not pick any one experience, I tried, but whenever I thought of one, another memory would quickly come back and crowd about… I guess a realization of how very lucky we are to have Kicking Horse Culture in our town… I have lived here most of my life and this has been the best… From the local outdoor concerts all summer long to the most “Big Name” bans, to our beautiful building…The Civic Center…Love this community…Thank-you…

I don’t have one particular experience. Unfortunately I travel often with my own work and miss most of the big events.   I do often go in to AGOG when in town for the day for a break between errands . I love to see the different artisans work,  the gallery always looks great and you never know what you will find. The ladies in attendance are always helpful and informative. It’s a great mental break and a good way to uplift ones spirit .

All Live Bands!  Love all music, it’s GREAT!

Connecting – Heart Opening – Healthy Healing

Sorry, can’t think of just one experience as each event it so awesome in it’s own way.

Where do I begin? The Snow King Masque Parade is a highlight of my winters here, and the live-kicks shows at Spirit Square in the Summers are one of my favourite things about Golden. I love connecting with friends during those events. I appreciate the level of art we are being exposed to.

Watching the movie “THe Lunchbox” made me aware of some of the cultural differences between India and Canada

I find it makes me feel like I belong somewhere. It happens whenever they plan something in the town, Masque Parade, Summer kicks, and the winter concerts.   Memorable and happy.

Fun art

Saw an art exhibit at the gallery of fabric arts. It was so unique and inspired my own creativity.   Inspiring

One of the many meaningful experiences i have with this organization is being involved in the Creative Committee. The Creative Committee gets to experience shared glimpses of ideas in the beginning that grow to exponential size and meaning when the final curtain draws. The Snow king Parade is an awesome experience and opportunity to collaborate and connect with an eclectic group of creative geniuses. The Snow King Parade is held annually and it had its 9th show at Spirit Square on  Feb 14. Volunteers who are involved in making the Snow King Parade draw from children of all ages as well as many adults young at heart to create an enigma that draws young and old with glee.

Great performances by locals (masque parade) great to see involvement of locals and school groups. Great performances from reknown artists too. Ie Bruce Cobourn

The James Hill concert and the wonderful ukelele lessons it lead to!

Wonderful sunny evenings with music in the summer

I have a series of experiences as a volunteer, interested in learning the basics of stage lighting. Every interaction (whether observing a show or doing pre or post work) enhanced a sense of team in a unique environment, alongside talented and dedicated neighbours.


Snow King Parade – inspiring, hopeful, beautiful = community!


Snow kings festival all I can say is wow the whole community comes together young and old and is encouraged to participate. The individuals and groups in the community prepare for this event for a month and celebrates together.

Whenever I walk into the refurbished civic centre, I imagine the volunteers that built it, the community that enjoyed it and those that renovated it, so that we would have many years more, to make memories and celebrate those endless events that make this community such a wonderful place to call home. It is an eye opener to see what can be done by a small group of like-minded individuals, such as Kicking Horse Culture and the many volunteers that jump on board.

Seeing ballet kelowna up close in Golden, has allowed me to see both the beauty of dance and the incredible athleticism of dancers.

Being able to enjoy a great variety of culture in a small time allows me to enjoy culture at home.    Summer kicks outdoor concerts are wonderful to connect with the community in a small festival line atmosphear with great music.    MasqueParade is the epitome of a community entertaining itself.    Want more? ‘Cause there’s more…

Steve Earl at the civic center . 2yrs ago  awesome

Peace and joy

community building


Annual Masque Parade  Amazing

I felt very proud when Kicking Horse Culture, with the help of the local museum and a local photographer created a book to honour the elders of the community.

My favorite experience was when I saw Ziggy Marly. As I suffer from PTSD I found it very difficult for me to be in areas that were loud and crowded. My daughter and I went and even tho I found it hard at the begining I found myself smiling and happy at the end of the show.

The experience that comes to mind immediately are the times that we went to Spirt Square last summer to enjoy all the musical groups that preformed there. It was so refreshing to see everyone coming together to talk and and relax in such and wonderful setting especially by the river. If I had to pick a phrase it would have to be “With happy heart”

Community Spirit and Creativity

I have been involved with the annual Masque Parade now for about 6 years. It is a wonderful, heartwarming experience!

The Motus O performance that combined performers with members of the community

Wow – this is a joke.  How about some meaningful questions as to how this organization is run?  How it could better serve the community?  What a waste of time and tax payers dollars.

Seeing Steve Earle in concert in the newly renovated civic centre – sublime!

This organization does not mean anything to me, except that it uses taxpayers money to fund other peoples entertainment.

Love everything about Kickinghorse Culture. Have attended every one of their concerts which have all left such a positive, uplifting experience on my life.

Amazing and delightful

Kicking Horse Culture continually brings in a wonderful variety of Arts and Culture to our area and town. I continually am uplifted, challenged and Blessed by the experiences when attending events.

Summer concerts

connected to my community

Own my culture.  Proud of the restored Civic Centre and the piano

took my family for my birthday and ran into other family members by coincidence.  Had a wonderful, memorable birthday.  Performance was great for kids and parents.

working on the snow king’s masque parade has connected me with my community; the word is CONNECTION

The Snow King Masquerade this past February.  I was there with family and friends and my 2 year old son still talks about it.  Also all the great bands that have played at the Civic centre or for free at the Spirit Square.

Hilarity, fun, friends, connections…amazing!

Just the goosebumps I’ve experienced listening to the live music by Rita Chiarelli, the amazing piano of David Braid, and others. The quality of the performances keeps blowing me away. Puts me on a cloud for a few days.