FREE theatre/dance workshops with Motus O!!!

MOTUS O dance theatre comes back to Golden Sunday Jan. 11 for a WEEK of FREE children and youth workshops!

Motus O workshop

KHC has arranged for Ontario’s Motus O dance theatre to be in town Sunday Jan. 11 through Saturday Jan. 17. Local artists John Denham (A-Muse Troupe, CirKids) and Maggie Calladine (music, theatre, dance, teacher in Golden schools) will be helping to facilitate the activity for Golden’s children and youth.

If you think creative dance/theatre sessions with Motus O would be a great benefit for the children/youth you know please read more

Motus O workshop-2Background:
Over the past 12 years, KHC has been dedicated to and has successfully created numerous artistic residencies where professional artists and key local facilitators have worked with our children, youth, and grown-ups. Going back to 2005, we have had numerous successes working with James Croker, Cynthia Croker, and Jack Langenhuizen – the co-artistic directors from Motos O dance theatre. In 2011, a 30 minute piece was created and performed to an
audience of 400. This time last year December 2013, twenty three Golden children and youth were trained by Motus O to perform along-side the company in their production of A Christmas Carol. See the company in action here. 

Planned are two public workshops for children, youth*, and grown-up caregivers are welcome to participate too.
Sunday January 11, 2015 from 1pm to 4pm – Civic Centre Great Hall and
Saturday, Jan. 17 again from 1pm to 4pm – Civic Centre Great Hall.

(*youth is liberally defined as up to 30!)

This is a wonderful opportunity for Golden’s children and youth to get inspired by these world class artists. It’s definitely not something that we can easily repeat so what ever you can do to facilitate this opportunity for our children and youth, that would be grand!

What to expect?
James, Cynthia, and Jack are extremely skilled in working with all levels of experience and skill and drawing out the best in everyone … so no need to be afraid. It’s all about developing creative and expressive movement… finding ways to “move” your body to express a thought, an emotion or tell a story…without words.  Participants will learn some new skills and work/play together to create some fun and expressive “theatre”. We’ve timed this workshop residency in Golden to fit in as part of the creative planning for the 9th annual MasqueParade coming Sat. Feb. 14. This year’s theme is “Snow King’s Excellent Space Adventure” so there’s lots of opportunity to create some silliness that may end up in the MasqueParade Pageant!

These sessions are FREE but we would like you to pre-register so we can keep track of numbers. Please email us to info(at) with the age and number of children, youth or caregivers who would like to attend. You can attend either or both of the workshops! Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing and bring indoor shoes.

Additional sessions:
James, Cynthia, and Jack will also be hosting workshops throughout the week with school and other special interest groups. If you want more info for that, please email.

Made possible by financial support from the BC Arts Council through the Community Presenters Youth Engagement program (CPYE) and Kicking Horse Culture.