Funny Girl Anne Marie Scheffler’s Suddenly Mommy! Nov 8

imagesanne-marieWe can’t wait to introduce the Golden community to Anne Marie Scheffler and her very funny and timely comedy show Suddenly Mommy! Tickets are now available at AGOG for the Saturday night Nov. 8 show at the Civic Centre.

Here’s KHC’s Bill Usher talking with Anne Marie calling in from Toronto chatting and riffing about her previous one woman show called Not Getting It“a hilarious examination of a single woman at her sexual peak who has… needs!” and the process that led her to write Suddenly Mommy! about that transition in a woman’s life “from hot dates to play dates!”

Suddenly Mommy! follows the plight of Anne Marie, an actress turned mom, who wakes up one morning and realizes that motherhood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Donned in a feathered pink boa and a pink flower in her hair, Anne Marie, played by Sheffler herself, shares the inner turmoil she experiences after getting married, becoming a mom and a step-mom. Between the tantrums and the fussing, she finds herself longing to be who she once was – a young, attractive career woman who didn’t fuss and have tantrums.

Throughout the show, Anne Marie transitions from an immature mother who complains that being a mom is all about the food prep, to a woman on the brink of a nervous breakdown who just can’t take it anymore and wants to run away from her life, leaving it up to her sister to take care of her children for three days. She reenacts all of the not-so-pleasant events that lead to her melt-down and uses comedic relief both of the witty and physical kind. The highlight of the play involves a conversation between herself and the one and only Céline Dion. Running from one spotlight to another, Anne Marie steals the show with her hilarious impersonation of the famous singer who has it all.

Suddenly Mommy! at the Civic Centre on Saturday night Nov. 8th is date night for all moms and dads looking for a great night out sans infants. And, if you’re expecting, Anne Marie says consider Suddenly Mommy! as part of your necessary pre-natal training! And for grandparents, come laugh and be smug!

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