Unveiling our 2014/15 Live Kicks Season

Bill Usher_ArticulateKHC’s creative director, Bill Usher writes:

I’m often asked “who books the shows?” and the answer is “I do.” If you’re interested in how this all comes together, I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago exploring the process.

Living where we live and without the resources of bigger population centres, we all know that we can’t always get what we want when we want it. Sometimes it’s a two to three hour drive away.

Similarly, performing artists need to tour to find new audiences to make a living. Over the years, we’ve done well in attracting artists to Golden… not just the big names like Steve Earle, Ziggy Marley, Steven Page, or Bruce Cockburn, but those artists where only a few in town are already aware of their talent. But, there were still so many artists passing us by because in Golden we didn’t have the theatre capacity or couldn’t guarantee a big enough audience to make it worth their while.

The Civic Centre restoration and re-opening became a game changer. Now we can present and produce artists that normally would have passed us by on the highway … shows that you would otherwise have to get in your car and drive to Banff or Calgary to see at a much higher ticket price and personal expense.


Steven Page with Craig Northey live at the Civic Centre

All through the year, conversations with audience members like you tease out what audiences like about the artists we’ve presented. I listen hard and take notes. (I did try to get Gordon Lightfoot here during his Fall tour … that one you’re going to have to drive to Alberta for!) Then I go exploring on your behalf and see what artists I can discover and bring back for our enjoyment and ‘nourishment.’ I travel to see a lot of artists perform throughout the year and I am in constant contact with colleagues across Canada and the US. Every now and then we can pull in a ‘popular culture’ headliner like a Steve, Bruce and Ziggy, but I am always on the hunt for those artists–famous or not–who get up on stage, bring the magic, and send us all home enriched by what we have just experienced.

Enough said. I am very proud of the way this season has come together. It’s always a juggling match to figure out who we can book and when, but after months of planning, our 10th Live Kicks season looks really sweet.

Ziggy AGOG line-upWe invite you to come see for yourself. Become a Member of KHC and consider it your organization, because it is. Then, with all the discount benefits that comes with your membership, take a look at the season, mark off the shows you want to see on your calendar and buy some tickets. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell everyone on Facebook. Stop people at the grocery store and tell them too. Plan a night out together and come en masse.

Our promise to you is that we will work as hard as we can to make each night truly worth your time and money. Discover something new and amazing. If you are ever not satisfied and want to leave, come see me at half time and we will refund your ticket. That’s a guarantee.

OK… dim the house lights, lift the curtains… click the link for our 10th anniversary Live Kicks season in the Great Hall of the Golden Civic Centre.