KHC’s YouTube video channel – it’s something to see!

Over the years we have steadily been adding videos of our shows as we’ve had time but, now thanks to the dynamic duo of Madeline Archibald and Mike Archibald, KHC is building up a very nice library of videos of our shows.

Wearing their official KHC Video Crew T-shirts, Madeline and Mike have been using two and three cameras to record our shows over the past few months. Then Madeline heads off to edit and upload the video to our YouTube channel. We post updates on our Facebook page every time a new video has been uploaded so click the link and Like the Page and you’ll know when a new video has been released.

Whether you missed the show or want to see it through someone else’s eyes, visit our KHC YouTube Channel here and browse all the new (and old) videos of KHC shows and workshops.

And… for a recent Golden Star article on Madeline Archibald… our video producer … click here!