AGOG presents Syd Feuz – Mountain Memories

Opening This Saturday and Sunday May 17/18 at AGOG

Kicking Horse Culture and the Art Gallery of Golden is very proud to collaborate with the Golden Museum, Karen Flewin, the Syd Feuz family, and this weekend’s Golden Mountain Festival to present this glimpse into Golden’s Swiss Guide heritage.

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On March 21, 2014, Golden lost a lifelong resident in the person of Syd Feuz. Born in 1922, he was the third of eight children of Walter and Johanna Feuz. Syd’s zest for skiing, climbing and hiking was formed by his youthful experiences traversing mountain slopes and trails alongside his father, uncles and other Swiss Guides.

Colleen Palumbo of the Golden Museum and Archives told us, “This project was Syd’s baby from the beginning. He wanted the Golden Museum to have copies of his photos for our use and wanted to see us share his collection. About 6 months ago he called me to Durand Manor to say that’s still what he wanted and that he let his children know. They were so gracious through the process.

“The Museum hired Karen Flewin to scan, clean and restore all of the images in Syd’s collection that were not really personal in nature. A project that was soon well over 3,000 images. And then our task began, trying to sort them and determine which would be used for this exhibit. It truly has been a labor of love for Karen and I.”

BACKCOUNTRY_2-3_PRINTSyd’s passion for mountaineering was evident in his amazing photographic collection and shows the less than glamorous jobs required of the famous CPR Swiss Mountain Guides. This Mountain Memories exhibit showcases photos from his father Walter Feuz’s collection and includes pictures from renowned photographers like Byron Harmon and Bruno Engler.

Syd and his wife Beda were featured in Kicking Horse Culture’s exhibit and book entitled Adventurers & Settlers — created by Bill Pitcher, Colleen Palumbo, and Bill Usher.

Syd was also portrayed with ski pioneers Rudi Gerstch and Hans Gmoser as part of the Golden. We Call This Home. exhibit created by Lia Golemba and Bill Usher.


“The first Canadian born-Swiss guide, Syd Feuz, was considered to be a mountain guide legend. Born in 1922 in Golden, BC, he grew up in the CPR Swiss Village of Edelweiss. From his early childhood on, Syd was introduced to skiing, climbing and hiking through his father, Walter Feuz, and the other Swiss guides. Syd started guiding at Temple Lodge near Lake Louise Mountain Resort at the age of sixteen. In 1973, he took an Assistant Guide’s course with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). For nearly 30 years, he worked as a heli-ski guide for Purcell Helicopter Skiing Ltd.

“Syd showed an early passion for skiing. He skied on Victoria Glacier and around Lake Louise years before the existence of a ski area. In Golden BC, he skied on the hill that today is known as Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Its location can be attributed to the pursuits of Syd and his colleagues. To honour his contribution to the Golden Community, where he lived with his wife Beda for many years, Syd Feuz was chosen as the community’s 2010 Olympic Torchbearer.”   (Courtesy: Ilona Spaar,  Swiss Guides – Shaping Mountain Culture in Western Canada)