Le Vent du Nord – Thurs March 13 – Civic Centre

KHC’s artistic director Bill Usher writes:

Poster - Le Vent du Nord-web

A bunch of years ago now, I was asked to perform an opening set at The Nickelodeon Folk Club in Calgary. The feature band that night was a relatively new band that I had never seen before, Le Vent du Nord.

In the mid 70s, I spent a lot of time touring around Quebec with Franco-Ontarien artist Robert Paquette (just checked – those early recordings are available at the iTunes store.) Being raised in Toronto, and working in the English language music scene, touring with Robert en français into places like Chicoutimi and Trois-Rivières was definitely an eye opening experience for this hippie anglais. What I felt though, night after night,  was the irrepressible nature of the Québecois and their love and pride for their music and dance … the deep culture of Quebec.

So, driving into Calgary that Saturday to open for Le Vent du Nord, I figured we would have some fun.

It was way more than fun. These guys tore the house down. It didn’t matter they were singing in French and maybe the song was 300 years old … 250 Calgarians just couldn’t get enough of them… encore after encore.

So the stars have aligned and Le Vent du Nord is going to make a stop in Golden on March 13 after a three night gig in Victoria playing with the Victoria Symphony. Just one night in Golden at the Civic Centre … don’t miss Le Vent du Nord. No matter if you can’t speak French and you have no idea what a hurry gurdy is … you’ll understand the feeling.