AGOG presents: Lynne Grillmair – 5pm Fri March 7

Art Gallery of Golden is very pleased to welcome Lynne Grillmair back to the gallery with her new exhibit: Out Our Back Door. Opening reception with Lynne is from 5 to 7pm on Friday March 7. All are welcome to come and visit with Lynne and take a tour around the exhibit.

Lynne Grillmair – artist statement and bio:

Poster Grillmair-web

Lynne grew up in the Fraser Valley,B.C. where she attended school in Mission and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1965 with a bachelor’s degree in Art History. There she briefly studied with Tony Only and B.C. Binning. Following that she worked as a chef and house manager for Canadian Mt. Holidays in the Bugaboo Lodge for 20 years.

In 1991-92 she attended the Alberta College of Art to hone her rusty drawing skills. She started painting full time in 1996, embarking on an artist’s journey which allows experimentation rather than commercial  production.

Locally Lynne studied watercolour painting with Trevor Burton. Later her passion led her to study with Susan Woolgar at Red Deer College  learning to make mono-prints. Other workshops followed of artists whose work she admires, Donna Baspaly, Mary Todd Beam  Suzanne Northcote. Other artists who inspire her are Jac Kepart, Brian Ayeto, Takao Tanabe

Lynne is very interested in process so a lot of time is spent exploring different materials and ideas to create a visually interesting and exciting piece of work. She uses acrylics, enhances surfaces by texturizing with gel mediums, papers, sand, bits and pieces of saved ,found objects that catch her eye. Leslie Rowe Israelson very generously gives her broken bits of beautiful glass she has casted. So with texture and colour she composes works that deal with themes like circularity, music ,nature, tactility, passage of time to mention a few.

In recent years she has entered into the foray of plein air painting often joining her friends Denise Lemaster, and Desiree Bond well known landscape painters.

In 2003, after being an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for 6 years, she received Associate signature Status ( AFCA).

In 2009 a small publication of aboriginal stories from the Sto’lo group in the Fraser Valley was launched, called the Sepass Tales. Lynne was the artist hired to produce 16 watercolours to illustrate the essence of each tale. Her works can be found in private collections in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada.  At  present her works are being sold at Gallery Odin, Silver Star B.C., Chateau Hotel Kimberly, B.C., Helna’s Stube , Radium B.C and Eclectic Gallery in Oak Bay, Victoria  B. C.

Starting in 2014, Lynne is working at J.A. Laird, a school in Invermere of elementary students ( grades 3-6). This is part of an integration program showcasing the importance of visual art, drawing, painting etc. in conjunction with science, math and literature. She will be part of the teaching team for the next 1 1/2 years.

Lynne’s web site is