Photos & thank you’s from Bruce Cockburn sold out show at the Golden Civic Centre


loading in at 11am


sound check at 3:30pm


Jenny Scheinman and Gary Craig during Jenny’s opening set

Well we had more than our share of excitement at the Bruce Cockburn concert last Friday night Aug. 16 in the Golden Civic Centre.

Seems, we had left a door open off the backstage and the haze mist for the lights was slipping it’s way into the downstairs green room and dressing rooms and before Jennie Scheinman could get through 3 songs of her opening set, the fire alarm was set off. That was a first for the newly restored Civic Centre. So, it was a drag that it happened, but it was good to know that the fire alarm works, the volunteer Golden Fire Department was there in a matter of minutes, and now we have that real-life experience under our belt. The hall was hot, so the audience enjoyed the extra time spent outside socializing with friends and neighbours.

The show was magnificent and exhilarating. Everyone was dazzled by the musical performances by Bruce and his musical buddies, and the theatrical production from his very talented crew. Extra special mention goes to the lighting production which provided a nuanced underscoring of the musical and lyrical themes. Some cool effects were at play and made the musical performance even more magical.

All of our Live Kicks shows depend upon the good graces and enthusiastic support of our many volunteers and dedicated staff. At various times on Friday we had about two dozen folks helping out in small and big ways. A very special mention goes to those folks who were in the hall right from the start at 10:30am and didn’t leave until after midnight… folks like David Love, Michael Garner, Wayne Clark on production, and Irene Macklem, Thelma Brown, Sue Gould, Cheryl Hurd on hospitality. Big thanks also to Randy Priest, John Manuel, Darlene Whiting, Doris Morrisette, Doug Whiting, Elsie Curtis, Joyce Priest, Maggie Calladine, Neva Dalinghaus, Rob Dalinghaus, Wayne Sobool. (If we have missed anyone please forgive us and let us know.)

All of our Live Kicks shows also depend on you – our audience. Bruce and company were very thankful and congratulatory to the most enthusiastic reception they received. They were also delighted with the way the hall ‘felt’ to them from the stage. It’s a very true axiom in the performing arts: the energy the audience gives to the performer comes back to the audience in spades. It’s a win-win for both audience and performer.

Your energy and enthusiasm is also a great encouragement to KHC staff to go out and find the best shows possible and bring them to the Civic Centre for your enjoyment. So… thanks for supporting our Live Kicks and Summer Kicks seasons. Your enthusiasm makes us want to serve you better!

Bill Usher
Executive Director



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(l to r) Bill Usher, Bruce, Jenny, Gary just before hopping back on the bus at 1am