Nanaimo Port Theatre review of Mis Hermanas

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Flamenco Rosario has sent us a little primer about the company, the art of flamenco, and the award-winning production of Mis Hermanas. Click the link:

Flamenco Rosario- Mis Hermanas Study Guide

Mis Hermanas tells the personal story and recalls the memories of Rosario Ancer growing up in Mexico, her dreams of becoming a dancer, her journey to Spain and her arrival to Vancouver. In Monterrey, Mexico seven sisters get together every Tuesday for coffee – only one left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer. She now wants to tell you her story before the west coast rains wash away her memories.

To give you a better sense of what to expect from Flamenco Rosario’s Mis Hermanas, we pass along this note from our colleague Holly Bright of Crimson Coast Dance Society after Flamenco Rosario’s recent performance at The Port Theatre in Nanaimo:

“Just had to let you know how fabulous and deeply touching Mis Hermanas is. It was remarkable to sit in the theatre and witness the unfolding of the stories of Rosario’s sisters, to be transported as she appreciated and honoured each of them deeply. There was a way in which everyone in the theatre could relate to the nuances of siblings/families/ friends. It is rare that we take pause to love, honour, remember those who have impacted us. That is what this show does and what it invites the audience to do as a result.

“The cast is unbelievable! The musicians are brilliant, the dancers are powerful and passionate, breathtaking really. The story and video projections work perfectly. Rosario herself is the perfect ending…and the vocalist from Spain – Angelita la del Lito – she stays with me days after the show. This is the real deal and I love how Rosario brought her contemporary thematic angle into this genre. I just can’t say enough good about the evening.  

“This is a remarkable show and deserves to be seen by as many people as you can pack in to your theatres. It is deeply, deeply rooted in humanity and gives an exquisite experience of Flamenco like no other. Flamenco becomes personal suddenly, meaningful in an accessible way. Flamenco will never be the same for those who see this. Our audience was deeply moved.”

Show creator Rosario Ancer will be joined on stage by seven other flamenco dancers/choreographers, including: Marién Luévano (Mexico), Fiona Malena (Calgary), Juliana Pulford (Ottawa), Katherine Oliveri (Montréal), Christina Tremblay (Chicoutimi, Québec), Melanie Meyers (Vancouver) and Deborah Dawson (Vancouver). Musical Director and flamenco master Victor Kolstee will direct a team of musicians including: guitarist Miguel Ramos, Gypsy singer Angelita la del Lito (Spain), and percussionist Alvaro Rubio (Mexico).

COMING Sat. April 13 to the Golden Civic Centre – TICKETS AT AGOG – CALL 250 344-6186

KHC is so proud to present a performance of this power and beauty. It’s also very interesting to note that this performance will demand all that the Civic Centre stage and production crew can deliver. It is by far the most challenging production to date to take place on the stage. We are very grateful for the support of The Banff Centre’s head of production John Avery who has generously donated the time of lead technical hand Darrell Shaw to assist with and mentor our very own Golden production crew. The next day after the show (Sunday April 14), Darrell will be at the hall offering a day of training to our crew and anyone who has interest in learning more about the technical side of producing theatrical and musical events. If you are interested in attending, please email info(AT) with Civic Centre Production Training in the Subject.

Many thanks to support from MiBC dance on tour. CLICK THE POSTER.