MasqueParade Thank You!

2013 Snow King’s MasqueParade – We say “Thank you!”


Editor’s Note: We’ve just received these notes of thanks from Joyce deBoer, the Snow King’s Equerry. If you don’t know, Joyce deBoer is the keeper of the dream. All of the folks at KHC want the world to know that Joyce is the inspirational leader of the MasqueParade and truly is the heart and soul of the Snow King’s celebrations. She puts in hundreds and hundreds of hours living and breathing the MasqueParade, dreaming about it in her sleep, and spending days on end inside the Play House during the last few weeks organizing the  “big stuff”, while all the while making sure she has time to inspire the smallest child who wants to make a balloon lantern for the first time. From Joyce’s passion and enthusiasm, so many more are inspired to join in and make their own personal contribution. 

Well folks, once again, the Snow King and Lady Spring have asked us to extend their thanks and appreciation for all the work and creativity you brought to the MasqueParade.

While this note of thanks goes out to each of you individually, look below to see how many other people also contributed!  This was a real community effort.

I have two other favours to ask:

  1. If you notice that we have missed someone, please tell me.
  2. If you have comments or ideas that might help improve the next MasqueParade, do tell us as well.

We have created a two question Survey to tell us what you liked and suggestions for improvement.

Please take a moment and respond here.

Thank you so much,

Joyce deBoer
Snow King’s Equerry


A huge “thank you” must go to the folks who dream up the show and organize it to get going:

Bill Usher, Executive Director of Kicking Horse Culture, who acts as the artistic director of the show and finds money to make it happen. It couldn’t happen without Bill.

John Denham, the most optimistic and energetic fellow we know and the heart and lungs of the amazing A-Muse Troupe and Cirkids.

Barry Johnson, whose creativity gave us owls, rats, geese and solutions to many problems using plastic table cloths and salad bowls.







Russ Younger, the master of logistics and his brother in arms, Mike Cantle, who made the thing work, safely, but with beauty.  Oh man, I love these guys!

Jared Kotyk, Pack Rat extraordinaire, cleaner-of-toilets and bringer-of-joy.  You made the Playhouse a place of imagination.

To ALL the A-Musers who helped to make our spectacle SPECTACULAR! You really took it to greater heights this year!

Likewise, to all the CircKids, the Rat Pack-ers, and the Faeries who brought so much to the storytelling this year. Thank you all!

Diana Taufer and Maggie Calladine contributed ideas and comments early on in the process and continued to be part of the excitement as the weeks went on.

Runa Bjarnson-Wilson and Karen Brodie-Archibald who changed children into rats without them even realizing it.  And also to Karen for donating her children to the role of wolf, mime and rat.


Lyane Gallagher, who came to the organizing group and said, “I’d like to do something bigger this year” and then she did!

Now the list gets long, as we thank folks who contributed a little or a lot depending on their time.  There is no order to this list; everyone added to the show.

  • The moms and dads of faeries who made costumes, came out to rehearsals and made some magic happen on the night of.
  • The folks who made the Snow King and Lady Spring come alive:  Meg Langley, Jan Kotyk, Ann Sutton, Matt Fellows, Ross Putney, Nico Ross and Du Seward.  They were lively this year!
  • Denise Porter, Marilyn Fergfuson and the GSS Drummers who opened the evening with good wishes from the local aboriginal community.
  • Jo Mary Crowchild-Fletcher, who was a cheerful and wonderful assistant.
  • The wonderful seascape created by the families of Caroline Heim, Janis Dyck, Craig Todd and Maike Porter.
  • The Russell and Michener families, who wanted to run away to the circus with Emmie Abbs, the remarkable polar bear.


  • 8483138592_f433114c2a_nIMG_21168482055687_853555d326_n


  • Nicki McIntosh, who shows us that fitness is fun, creates energy and allows you to wear fluffy legwarmers and be completely in style.  Thanks to your dancers of all ages.
  • Caren Nagao, Davene Dunn and the fabulous Li Jigeurs Mechif never fail to impress with their dancing.  Can you convince kids to use the brooms for cleaning as well as they jump over them?
  • Thelma Brown, Irene Macklem and Cheryl Hurd were always ready to do the little things that needed to be done.
  • The lantern-lit woodland pathway was decorated and the lanterns collected by Ryan Watmough, Carrie Bakos, Orlando Pecora and the Leos, Gillian Stark and Colleen Love.  This is a special feature that is loved by many families who visited it coming and going to the festival.
  • Generous donations of equipment and services were received from the Golden Dollar Store, Golden Junk, Golden Installations, HR Pacific, Columbia Diesel, KHMR, Golden District Search and Rescue, and Golden Nordic Club—thank you!








  • Special thanks to people who always make the time to be part of the show:  Mayor Christina Benty, Shelagh O’Brien, our Queen of Hearts, and the famous Willy Forest.
  • This year we welcomed visitors from far away: the Krampus folks, Robb & Lynne from Edmonton as well as Golden’s own Olympian, Shelley Poland.
  • The sound and light were courtesy of the fearless boys who love electronic toys: Mike Pecora, Mike Garner and David Love.  BC Hydro loves these guys.
  • A special mention needs to be made of the continuing cooperation the Snow King receives from Chris Cochran, Dave Poland and the Town of Golden Operations guys who clear snow and make mountains out of mole hills for us, as requested.
  • Sandra Beckett’s kindergarten class, the residents & staff of Mountainview Assisted Living gave us all a feeling of hope that life is sweet.
  • Roxanne Gregoire made a marvellous tree costume and managed crowd control by asking people to “leave”.


Russ and Mike pulled together a team of logistics helpers that impressed all of us in terms of patience, skill and numbers.  They are listed here in a group, but each person contributed an invaluable service to the smooth running of the event.  Thank you.

8482057329_da7f4ed0ff_nEddie Leigan  – Casey Black

Brian Comrie – Dwight Behul

Bob Taylor – Mieke and Ron de Graaf

Ken & Becky Leonty – Suzanne Maagendans

Eugene Nowick – Wayne Bouck

Mandy Cantle – Heidi Kalmer

Joan Mikkelsen – Wayne Clark (Lions)

Jim Pecora – Kevin Sollows

Steve & Lynda Conway – Dave Clapperton (Lions)

Tim Parker (Rotary) – Ron Tabbert (Lions)

Ann Younger – Dennis & Carole Francis

Each year we invoke the spirit of the inspirational folks who led us on this path:  Paula Jardine, Cathy Stubington & Curly.

And thanks to my muse, Chris, who inspires and supports me in my role.

On behalf of Snow King and Lady Spring, thank you all!

Joyce deBoer