Thank you Thelma Brown!

Thank you Thelma Brown!

Open House “Thank You” Reception for Thelma Brown
5pm to 6pm, Wednesday, Nov. 21 at the Art Gallery of Golden
All Welcome!

Our long-standing Office Manager Thelma Brown is soon about to close her laptop at KHC for the (almost) last time. After more than 6 years of hustle and bustle and dedication to the growth and well-being of all things KHC, Thelma wants to have some more free time for getting out and about the valley. And she has earned it!

Thelma joined us in the Spring of 2006 just when the arts council was getting ready for the move from the old Art Spot one room office next to Jita’s. We were moving on up into two rooms in the back of the Golden Community Resource Centre (now the CBT building.) From there, we next moved into the first Art Gallery of Golden space in early 2007 (now Plain Wayne and Jane) and then into our present home at 516 9th Ave. N in June 2008.

During this time, Thelma has been the welcoming face of KHC and the person who made sure things got done when they were supposed to. When it comes to financial admin, Thelma’s old school and she made sure that people were paid right away and everything was – as she would say – ‘tickety-boo’. This approach of caring for our clients and the community comes naturally to her and did wonders for the acceptance and growth of the arts council in those early transitional years.

For a come-from-away guy like me, Thelma would fill me with stories of the local folks who would come into the office or gallery. Certainly, it was this process of providing the backstory on the folks that I met that was the glimmer of inspiration for the Adventurers & Settlers exhibit and subsequent book in which Thelma’s Lotosky family is featured.

During her time at KHC, Thelma has overseen those activities and events in our annual cycle that we now take for granted. Stuff like Summer Kicks, the MasqueParade, the creation of the art gallery, the Live Kicks shows, and the re-birth of the Civic Centre all came to fruition and running smoothly on Thelma’s watch. Then, there’s all the operational and administrative processes that grew and grew as the organization and staffing grew. One impressive example was the year spent with an accounting consultant completely revamping and positioning KHC’s books – a foundational achievement that will sustain KHC for years to come.

This weekend Thelma is once again our lead hand at the Christmas Craft Faire. And, we hope to have her back in the office whenever we need her advice and special touch on things. So, it’s a fare thee well, may the fish jump into the boat… not goodbye!

Please drop into the gallery next Wednesday between 5 and 6pm to appreciate Thelma’s contribution to the arts and the Golden community.

On behalf of the Board and Staff of KHC, thank you Thelma!