Art Gallery of Golden presents Susan Stewart Retrospective

























Exhibit opens this Friday, June 8. All welcome.

Born in 1927, Susan Stewart (born Edwards) emigrated from England at the age of 2 with her parents, brother and maternal granddad, William Alcock, a cabinet maker.  Her father, Captain George Edwards was a mining engineer involved in mining explorations in the Purcell’s.  Her mother, Vera, was a teacher of English literature.

Some of Susan’s happiest childhood memories were from living on the Columbia River at Carbonate Landing, hiking with her brother, Robin, and a 30 mile pack trip into the McMurdo Creek mine.  She moved to the Circle E ranch in Spillimacheen at the age of 12.  There the English artist, George Overton, trained her to be an artist, which influenced the rest of her life.  She specialized in water colours and pen and ink drawings.  Later her inspiration led her to silk painting.  Her work has been displayed in juried art shows.  In 1982 one of her silk pieces was accepted by the BC Festival of the Arts.  Her life work was honoured when she was named “The Patron of ‘Arts Around’ 2006”. In addition, Susan had a gentle, poetic nature and wrote poetry from a very young age.

In 1952 Susan married Douglas E. Stewart.  They had four children (Ralph, Gwen, Catherine and Heather), nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Her family was a source of great joy.

Susan was a vegetarian, and an environmentally conscious individual, encouraging the organic movement from the sixties and supporting groups such as The David Suzuki Foundation.  In addition she loved her country and contributed generously to The Friends of the CBC, Council of Canadians, and The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, among others.

Susan’s love of the outdoors remained with her throughout her life.  She was still hiking into her late seventies, including treks to Conrad Cain hut and her father’s mine site up McMurdo Creek.  Susan enjoyed her daily walks on her property embracing the natural world.

This retrospective exhibit will also feature a sampling of works by George Overton, Susan’s early teacher.