Lucas Myers DECK comedy – Sat. May 5

It’s that time of year, for home improvement and if you’re like most and like to procrastinate, get your worker crew together and get down to the Civic Centre on Saturday, May 5 to laugh out loud at Lucas Myer’s hilarious hit Fringe comedy

DECK: How I Instigated Then Overcame an Existential Crisis Through Home Improvement.

You will realize that you can do it way better than this guy and be so inspired to get up early on Sunday morning and get ‘er done!

“When things go bad—life-endingly bad—people with high enough credit limits often like to go off and find themselves. And in DECK, pink-slipped day trader Cliv (writer-performer Lucas Myers), giving up on paying off half a million in credit card debt at McDonald’s, does just this by declaring bankruptcy and transplanting himself and his severely suburban children to BC’s Interior. There they buy a dilapidated house with a structurally unsound deck. In true finding-oneself fashion, Cliv seizes on rebuilding this deck as the key to putting his life back in order. This is what a Wall Street crisis does to people. And trust me, it’s funny.

“The humour in Deck comes from a mixture of Cliv’s gross incompetence at everything from parenting to cutting wood, the Bob and Doug McCanadianness of his new neighbours, and Corey (an unemployed carpenter who takes it upon himself to fix both Cliv and Cliv’s deck) and the dark, bizarre speculations Myers thankfully indulges in in the script.

Deck’s turning point sticks out as an innovative and cost-efficient advance in actor-audience relations. Myers, as Corey, actually conscripts a small work crew of audience members to finish Cliv’s deck: we’re talking power drills and everything. On opening night, he had this adorable young couple haul wood onstage from the wings: they even cleaned up the mess from the power saw . . . because that’s the right thing to do. Yes, Myers (one of the architects of last year’s Fringe hit Smalltown: A Pickup Musical) uses a power saw to cut wood on stage. On stage!” Read the full review here…

Please note:  This performance is not suitable for children.


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