Sass Class Tonight! Cheesecake On Stage Friday Night!

Imagine Golden on a Friday night at the Civic Centre. She walks out onto the stage and asks the audience, “Do you folks have any idea of what you’re in for?” The laughs begin and don’t stop for the next two hours!

Co-founder Champagne Sparkles says, “What we do is a vaudevillian style variety show – dancing, comedy, singing – all centred around the classic art form of striptease. Our show is cheeky, funny and a little bit sexy. It’s lots of tease and no sleaze. And for the curious folks… we always have nipple tassels and panties on. There is something in our show for everyone – it’s a great girls night out or a fabulous date.

Only 7 Spaces Left

Yes, this is something different from our usual LIVE Kicks show… for sure. But, the Cheesecake women keep getting invited back to towns like ours all over BC and we thought, Golden should have the pleasure too!

We’re told by the towns who have invited the Cheesecake women back again – and again – that this is a riot of good fun and laughs. We’ve heard that women LOVE the show and… men like it too.

“I hope everyone leaves with a smile on their face, a strut in their step, their cheeks and bellies hurting from laughing so hard.” says Ms. Sparkles. “The Cheesecake style is all about having fun fun. We incorporate story telling and humour into many of our acts and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re a group of regular ladies who work hard to put on a  great show. Audiences  find us relatable – we all have other professions, some of us have kids and we are a diverse range of ages and sizes. Something for everyone! And we love to come out and meet people after the show – so stick around for a chat.”

Tonight is the SASS CLASS 101 for 30 lucky ladies.[Your registration to the Sass Class on April 19 includes a ticket to the show on April 20.]

ONLY 7 SPACES LEFT. Call in to AGOG at 250 344-6186 before 6pm to reserve.

Get your tickets now at AGOG.

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Golden Dental Center
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