Nathan Rogers Sings Stan Rogers – This Thursday!

NATHAN SINGS STAN – The Rogers’ Legacy Continues

7:30pm, Thursday, March 1 at the Golden Civic Centre – Tickets at Art Gallery of Golden

Legendary folk singer Stan Rogers will “rise again” at the Golden Civic Centre when his son Nathan performs Stan’s iconic Canadian folk songs during this one-time-only tour.

Even those who aren’t familiar with the name ‘Stan Rogers’ have probably heard Stan’s songs like Northwest PassageBarrett’s Privateers, and Mary Ellen Carter on CBC Radio, in folk clubs, or at festivals. Stan is remembered for his deep, baritone voice and expertly crafted songs written about the working maritime life and, later, about the Canadian prairie farms and the Great Lakes and Ontario. Stan’s music encompasses what it means to be Canadian and embraces our Canadian identity. His legacy continues on in the lives of Canadians today.

His tragic death in 1983 at age 33 in a fire onboard Air Canada flight 797 at the Greater Cincinnati Airport ended a brilliant career. He’d recorded four successful albums prior to his death; additional albums were released posthumously. When his father died, Nathan Rogers was four years old.

Now a touring artist in his own right, Nathan has always made room in his shows for a song or two of his father’s. For this one-time-only tour, “Nathan Sings Stan, The Rogers Legacy Continues”, Nathan has responded to many requests to pay tribute to his father’s musical legacy by singing a full concert of Stan’s memorable songs. Joining Nathan on tour are Trevor Mills on bass, Andrew Bryan on fiddle and mandolin and the incredible JD Edwards on guitar.

A talented musician, prolific songwriter, and musical innovator with a rich baritone voice, Nathan fulfills the high expectations placed on the son of Stan Rogers. Nathan has shared the stage with JP Cormier, The Oysterband, Spirit of the West, John Allan Cameron, and continues to earn his place in the Canadian folk and blues canon. His award winning voice is featured on two albums “True Stories”, 2005, and “The Gauntlet”, 2009.

Bill Usher writes…
These past couple of weeks preparing for this show has brought back a flood of memories for me. Stan and I, along with dozens of (now) Canadian folkie greats, all moved in the same musical circles back in the early 70s. Much time was spent playing at the infamous Smales Pace in London, ON where folks like Willie P. Bennet, Chris and Ken Whiteley, Colleen Peterson, David Essig, David Bradstreet, Fraser & Debolt, Doug MacArthur, the Good Brothers, Stan Rogers called home – for weeks at a time.

Back then, there were lots of clubs and lots of shows where people sat in and backed each other up – at a moment’s notice. Most times with little or no rehearsal. I played with Stan on numerous occasions but, I think the only recording from those days is a song called Past Fifty which is on Stan’s From Coffee House to Concert Hall album. I’m probably wrong, but this recording might be an out take from an Alumni Hall (U. of Western Ontario in London) CBC recording circa 1974.

Another nostalgia tickler for me on this show is that Nathan is bringing along Trevor Mills on bass. Trevor is the son of Paul Mills (aka Curly Boy Stubbs) who was one of Stan’s producers and also the producer for CBC’s Touch The Earth radio show with Sylvia Tyson that I created musical documentaries for in the mid-70s. The kids are taking over!  🙂