The Snow King Thanks You!

The Snow King and Lady Spring had a marvelous time at Spirit Square!
They want to send their heartfelt thanks to all the wild and silly creatures of the valley who welcomed them Saturday night, and a special thank you to those who made it happen.










In no particular order, thanks to:

-Joyce deBoer, keeper of the dream, and Chris Jinot, her muse, with whom she loves fiddling. All of the folks at KHC want the world to know that Joyce is the inspirational leader of the MasqueParade and truly is the heart and soul of the Snow King’s celebrations. She puts in hundreds and hundreds of hours living and breathing the MasqueParade, dreaming about it in her sleep, and spending days on end inside the Play House during the last few weeks organizing the “big stuff”, while all the while making sure she has time to inspire the smallest child who wants to make a balloon lantern for the first time. From Joyce’s passion and enthusiasm, so many more are inspired to join in and make their own personal contribution.
-the beautiful and competent Megz Reynolds, whose smile dispersed any clouds of doubt that this would work and whose abilities proved it to be true (and to Ryan, Megz’ willing charioteer)
-the Imaginician Jared who kept joy ever-present in the Play House
-the indefatigable DJ Slickmick, whose energy, on-the-spot problem-solving, and irreverence kept spirits up
-Bill Usher, creative genius and quartermaster extraordinaire. Without Bill, the MasqueParade would never have been created

-Dr. Love3, the Lighting Geek, who played with the lights so that we could have fun
-Matt (Mountainman) McEwan and the Lady Ann Sutton who braved the slippery steps to boogie the night away for us
-Cecilia and Du, Jordan and Jenn, four extraordinarily handy folks who added life to the puppets
-our own Dancing Queen Irene, the Faithful Thelma and the flame-haired duo of Coleen and Maggie, who, together, kept the way clear for puppets, herons and aliens alike
-the lovely Claire – always a smiling face and helping hand in and out of the Play House
-Kathy Monteith for her inspirational costuming
– Chris Jinot for his always imaginative and thought-provoking costumes and masques… this year the ever-industrious Ant and the singing Grasshopper

-Carol and Len Brown, Ryan Watmough and Mike Cantle who transformed the river trail into a stroll through magic—special kudos to Mike who also changed parking patterns downtown and worked as a tourism ambassador for several hours
-Russ and Ann Younger who successfully challenged teens to dance gracefully—not an easy task!—and the swirling divas of the GSS high school Dancers who made all us parents and grandparents say, “aw”
-The jovial and always collaborative John Denham and his young Cirkids who continue to amaze us
-Christine Muise and the gymnasts that made us gasp with delight
-the increasingly amazing A-Muse Troupe members who lit up the night and dazzled us with the beauty of fire and their theatrical exploits
-Enzo, Conner and Isobel, youthful heralds for the puppets
-Barry Johnson, who organized the “hedge of herons” that entranced young and old, who continues to inspire high school students to fabulous levels of creativity at each pageant
-GSS senior drama students who were, once again, nudged out of the their circles of comfort by teacher Runa Bjarnson-Wilson
-Town of Golden Operations staff who pruned low-hanging branches, cleared pathways and removed doggie doo so that the river trail and Spirit Square would be safe and lovely – always smiling and happy to help!
-Sarah Wegelin, for her behind-the-scenes efforts, pageant volunteer and A-Muse Troupe member, staying involved from start to finish
-Joan Dolinsky and Richard Parker, Dixieland Duo playing by headlamp light lent a touch of Carnaval
-Kanyon Ridge Traffic Control people who worked closely with us to let Snow King and the hundreds of Paraders go dancing in the street across Highway 95
-Mayor Benty who allows her whimsical side to come out and play with us
-Dana Sutter who continues to support and encourage the Aboriginal Students group who drummed up good spirits and feelings for the event
-the showcased performers: The Golden Naval Academy, the GSS high school Dancers, Nicki “Zumba” McIntosh, DJ Hypothermia
-Monica and Kathy who spruced up puppets to get them show ready after the winter
-KHMR for the loan of the big bonfire pit
-the many parents and grandparents who spent time in the Play House and at home with children, encouraging them to create fantastic masks and glorious lanterns, and especially those who cleaned up after themselves!
-the downtown merchants who tolerated the invasion of the street dancing and the cooperative Chamber of Commerce and its members
-Elliott Neumann, David Love, Mike Garner and Mike Pecora who wowed the Delhi 2 Dublin crowd at the Masque Costume Ball with a light and sound show the old Civic Centre has never seen the likes of before
-to Irene, Allison, Rose, Aaron, Elsie, Ann, Maggie, Coleen, Caren… our cadre of KHC volunteers who worked happily in the concession, working the box office, putting out chairs and tables and taking care of everyone at the Masque Costume Ball
-Eddie and Mitchell who created fire and then extinguished it when the dancing stopped; and Glen Bondar who made a great display of fireworks in the night sky
– Darryl Crane and all the great folks at The Golden Star for their continuing and passionate support of all things KHC (Photos here are courtesy of the Star’s Facebook Page)

All the folks from the past years who built the base we keep depending on as we grow and change each year

Thanks to you all who came out and shared your warmth with us! See you again next year.