SKI BUM: The Musical storms into Golden

LIVE Kicks Presents SKI BUM: The Musical

Two nights:
7:30pm, Thursday, February 2, 2012 – doors at 7pm
9pm, Friday, February 3, 2012 – doors at 8pm

Quotation about Ski Bum: The Musical

Attention ski bums, snow bums, skinny bums, and large bums; Iron Mountain Theatre (I.M.T.) is proud to present SKI BUM: The Musical.

SKI BUM is drawing HUGE crowds where ever it tours in BC. And why not! Last year in Revvie 100 enlightened snow bums showed up on the first night. 400 were in line the next night trying to get a seat in the hall. Don’t be a loser. Get your tickets NOW! At AGOG downtown.

We’ve added the Friday night show with an 8pm doors open to come in and get warm with drinks and munchies and DJ spinning. The Musical starts at 9pm. There’s an intermission and after the show we’ll keep the concession open until midnight with more tunes keeping the party going.

SKI BUM: The Musical is an all-original, character driven, seasonal inspired homage to the dirtbags, debutants, lurkers and posers constantly in search of bottomless pow. An all-original musical comedy that pokes fun of musical theatre while highlighting the trials and tribulations faced by a variety of mountain lovers. Mountain culture amplified by song, dance and story. The innuendo alone is enough to tickle even the most chafed of funny-bones.

Staring West Kootenay residents RJ Peters, Jane Gaudet, Mark Pollard and Nadine Tremblay. Written by Tyler Bradley and Mark Pollard. Directed by Shane Snow.

Watch the Trailer here!