Elder’s Tea at the Civic Centre

The Elder’s Tea went off without a hitch on Tuesday afternoon at the new “old” Golden Civic Centre. Over 100 “self-defined” Golden elders were served “tea” by volunteers including Mayor Christina Benty and Councillors Mike Pecora and Ron Oszust. many thanks to Mandy Cantle and her crew of volunteers for creating a warm and inviting feeling in the hall. Jane Fearing’s cakes, scones and cookies were a hit! Sue Gould was also on hand to play the Centre’s grand piano on stage for the first time.

Don’t forget the Open House this Saturday from 11am to 3pm where everyone of all ages can come tour the building and enjoy some music.

Plus, if you have young ones in your family, don’t forget the First Night Family New year’s Party hosted by A-Muse troupe this Saturday night. Doors open at 5:45pm  with a countdown to “New Year’s” at 7pm. Then, as soon as everyone follows the A-Muse clowns out of the hall, there’ll be a grand show of FIREWORKS in Kumsheen Park?

A few tickets (available at AGOG) are still available for the Jamboree concert on Friday night and the New Year’s Dance on Saturday night. If there are any still left, last chance for Saturday night dance tickets is up to 6pm at AGOG.