Civic Centre Jamboree Shows

We’re getting a few questions from folks at the AGIOG box office about the two Jamboree shows on the 30th and 31st asking what’s the difference. So here goes…

All of the musicians on the poster will be playing on BOTH nights… plus a surprise guest or two. The Friday night’s a sit down concert and the Saturday night New Year’s Dance is… a dance! BUT, they’re different shows with altogether different feels and entirely different repertoires of songs!

These guys (and gal) are the BEST! If it wasn’t for the financial  support we’ve received from Canadian Heritage and the Town, we would never be able to afford these shows at this ridiculously low ticket price. They’re flying in on Dec. 28th from Toronto and Vancouver. We’ll be posting more on who’s who in the next week or so.

Friday Night Concert – 7:30pm – $25 – TIX at AGOG

The Friday night will feature both original songs from Russell de Carle, Roy Forbes, Terra Hazelton, Paul Pigat and the Bebop Cowboys and songs you’ll recognize immediately – all pulled from the western swing, old country, old jazz, rockabilly, blues songbook. Each of the lead artists will take turns throughout the concert taking the stage front and centre. We’ll have 3 sets and two intermissions and probably run until about 11pm. Cash wine and beer bar with our usual baked goods, teas and coffee.

Saturday Night New Year’s Dance – 9:30pm – $35 – TIX at AGOG

This’ll start in 4th gear and move into overdrive and stay there all night with a repertoire of swing, rockabilly, jump blues, shuffles, 50’s rock ‘n roll. There’ll be a great big dance floor, spectacular lighting and sound and, an appie buffet included in the price of the ticket!!!!  Again we’ll have our usual cash wine and beer bar with some bottles of champagne and a lovely Single Malt or two available. We’ll also have teas and coffee.

Here are some links to take a listen and look at our All-Star Jamboree lineup… Gonna be a Party!

Russel deCarle at Stax Museum, Memphis

(Prairie Oyster’s) Russell deCarle

(Star of FUBAR 2) Terra Hazelton

Roy Forbes

(Cousin Harley’s) Paul Pigat

Bebop Cowboys Western Swing Orchestra