Alex Cuba Contest Winner!

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner for posting a “comment” or “review” of the Alex Cuba show. We had to go out to dinner a few times and discuss whether we should give the tickets to Larry Sparks or Jan Rodman or Tracey Buckley… so we had to drink some more wine and wait for inspiration. Then we lost a few days of work from hangovers.

The heck with it…. we still can’t decide. So ALL OF YOU ARE WINNERS! That’s right folks, we’re given away a pair of tickets for the Banff Mtn. Film Fest at the Rec Plex on Dec. 10 to Larry, Jan and Tracey. What with the cost of the wine and dinners and the free tickets, we’ll never do that again.

Well we will actually… it’ll just be one pair of free tickets. We’ve decided we need to be more ruthless.

So… Larry, Jan and Tracey… drop into the Art Gallery of Golden and ask for your free tickets. Thank you! See you Dec. 10th!