What does “Member Discounts Apply” mean?

Posted by Bill Usher

Someone asked me the other day, “Your poster says $25 for a ticket but, then it says ‘Member Discounts Apply’. So what DOES a Member pay for a ticket?”

My joking response was, “Depends on how fast you can make up your mind and get your butt in gear.” There’s more to it than that, of course… but, it pretty well comes down to that.

Back in August, we gathered together 15 community folks and fed them pizza and asked for their advice on our ticket pricing. The discussion was far ranging and we’ll be trying out a lot of their ideas throughout the season. They talked a lot about how folks in town are used to waiting until the last minute to buy their tickets because there was no real incentive to purchase in advance. KHC board and staff talked about how hard last minute sales were for our planning.

So, specifically to ticket prices, someone who doesn’t want to become a Member can always buy a $25 ticket in advance or at the door (as long as some are available.)

On the advice of our pizza loving August group, we’ve rolled out an early-bird incentive for this season. ALL TICKETS for ALL SHOWS are now on sale and the first 75 adults and/or seniors to purchase a ticket at the Art Gallery of Golden get their ticket for $15 (adult) and $10 (senior). After the 75 are sold, advance adult tickets become $20 and seniors’ advance tickets are $15. If adult and senior members come to the door at the show to buy a ticket, then it’s full price at $25 – just like non-members.

So, that’s a really big financial incentive to become a KHC Member and buy an ‘early-bird 75’ ticket. For instance, purchase a Membership for $10 and then buy an early-bird ticket for the Alex Cuba show at $15 and you’ve just got your $10 membership back. Plus, there’s gonna be prizes! Names of ‘early-bird 75’ ticket holders will go into a draw for prizes at intermission.

To put it in perspective, the lowest Alex Cuba ticket price at other towns on his tour through BC and Alberta is about $28 – member or not. So, why are we offering such a ridiculously low price for the show? Because we want to fill the hall with a very happy audience. It’s that simple.

We’ve raised the bar this season and can promise 10 great nights of entertainment for $15 or $20 or $25 depending upon how much you want to pay and how fast you can get down to the Art Gallery of Golden and buy your tickets!

Oh yeah… and if you want to take the worry out of buying your ‘early-bird 75’ tickets you can purchase a nice laminated Season’s Pass for all 10 shows at $150. Plus, we’ll throw in 2 free tickets to use for guests at any show throughout the season.

Oh, I forgot… early-bird tickets for Alex Cuba are selling fast…