Dream comes to Golden on Sat. Oct. 29!

Mark the beginning of the spook season with

Runaway Moon Theatre’s play for actors and puppets

DREAM, 7:30pm Saturday, October 29th at St. Andrews Church

Adult tix $15; Students $5 at AGOG – ONLY 50 SEATS.

Every now and then, we are approached by touring artists whether we can support a performance in Golden. We book our season way in advance, so we try to see if we can fit these “extra” shows into the schedule. This is one that we went out of our way to support. Cathy Stubington was here in 2007 to help us get the first Snow King’s MasqueParade up and going. Snow King wouldn’t be Snow King without Cathy’s creative brilliance. So, we wanted a Golden audience to see this “play” and, it’s a perfect fit with the season. Please spread the word!

Originally produced at Caravan Farm Theatre sixteen years ago, this production reunites the team of director James Fagan Tait and performer/creators Cathy Stubington and Zompopo Flores in an all-new take on this powerful and timely story.

Once a year, in Mexico, people come together to feast and celebrate on the Day of the Dead. On that day, when the thin line between the living and the dead is easily crossed, Juan, a poor, hard working farmer, finally indulges his one long held desire.

Created mainly for adults, but suitable for those over the age of five, Dream is a folk tale set in a miniature world animated by mariachi music, roast chicken, and cruel coffee barons.